Quantec with Mari


Quantum healing

Instrumental Bio-communication is the most advanced vibrational medicinal device in the world

What is fact, is that Quantec is currently the only device worldwide that operates with the technology of the diode with white noise proven to be a particularly good intermediary device between consciousness and machine (mind-machine interaction).

Quantec Bio-communication is for humans, animals and agriculture and many more uses.
The QUANTEC will scan and analyze a digital photograph regardless of where you are and pick up from the extensive database (eg. Medical, Homoeopathy, Tissue Salts, Colour etc.) Whatever is relevant to you and determine any imbalances, physical and emotional. The QUANTEC does not diagnose any disease other than stress assessment in the energy body of the client or object, past and present, which can cause to manifest physically.

A Healing Sheet is then prepared from the data scanned, which will then be discussed with the client.

The Quantec device is then set sending energy signals at intervals night and day, to the relevant person or animal, regardless of where you are.

Quantec will assist pet owners keeping their animals in balance, pointing out any physical or stress related emotional imbalances.

Quantec determines imbalances in crops and soil; it will enhance growth, also working on predators if necessary.
In short, it reduces the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Quantec utilises the concept that even a persons photograph carries information of that person and connects to the person. Treating the photograph (twin photons) connects to the person and makes both analyses of the field imbalance and treatment possible.

Healing Sheets can be done via email
Email date of birth, photo, address and telephone number

Contact: Mari @ 082 854 5447

Information on Mari

Born and bred in KZN, at school in Pietermaritzburg, spent a lot of time on the South Coast. Was in floristry in Johannesburg, was very involved in Homoeopathy, Qualified as Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, Quantum Touch, Reiki Master, Indian Head Massage, and use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) often in my practice. And my QUANTEC device from Germany. Living at present in Graaff Reinet

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