Catalysts of Change
Catalysts of Change
From the Creators of the Celebrating
Humanity Transformational Teambuilding and Diversity Training programs

If want to be a Catalyst of Change, now is Your chance!
This is your call to Action!
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Imagine a country, where people respect each other, for who they are. A country where poverty is a distant memory and crime so minimal that a key scratch on a car, would make the Sunday headlines.

It could be so. We could have the opposite of all the daily complaints that people pour into any willing ear.

Yes! People in positions of power and trust, could be free of nepotism and corruption.
Hospitals could be well-funded and well-run, prisons could be safe and the legal system could be the finest in the world.

All it really needs is a change in the energy, that we already use every day.

You are potentially an Agent of Change!

When each one of us realises that change does not necessarily come from the actions of the government. It may not come from your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, brother, or sister.

Nor does it have to emanate from well-known leaders alone. You are potentially an agent of positive change - in your family, your work, your team, your country and in the World. You already have the ability, and the power - right now...

Change fundamentally begins within each of us. It begins with a view of what can be, and not what is. When we move away from complaining and backbiting, and formulate greater visions of tomorrow, we will become the very agents of change that will catalyse a people first world.

When our focus is on a fair life for all, and on respect for all humankind - we will begin to move inexorably towards all the positive realities, that we desire in our lives.

Re-directing our energies.

Interestingly, it takes more committed energy to complain, than it does to spread visions of positive transformation. Such growth visions have a great habit of building our spirits. So:-

* If we are to think, let it revolve around thoughts of what we and like-minded people can do to transform our present situation/s.
* If we are to speak, let it be with positive power, with focussed energy and strategies.
* Then let us turn those words into the necessary physical action, that WILL transform this country, this continent and the world at large.

It is then when we will come of age. It will be then that the current woes of the world, will become distant memories, of lessons once learnt.
It is then when we will truly be free.

Mthimkhulu International

Arthie and I - through the Celebrating Humanity program - are Catalysts of Change, so too are our team members and facilitators. We are all focussed on the transformation of the human spirit. And we love every second of it!

Your call to action!
You could be chosen for the Catalysts of Change programme!

We are looking for the right kind of people to undergo the first stage, of the powerful and unique Catalysts of Change program.

Committed people seeking the knowledge and skills to transform self, family, company or country - are invited to email us to apply to attend.

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