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April 2016 Body and Mind Newsletter   Happy April everyone!
Hopefully taxes are done, the chaotic public holidays are over and it's perhaps time to get back into routine. NOT! What is routine? Maybe children need routine to learn discipline, but what is routine to us? Does it mean waking up at the same time, brushing your teeth, going to work, then eating .... you know what I mean. When you live life to the fullest, I believe there is no such thing as routine - every day is unique with its own challenges and accomplishments. Each moment, when living in the moment, can never be routine because NOW is the most important time. More....
Childre_are_happiness.jpg   March is the Reconnection Month here at Body and Mind. Our family is very important to us and we strive to keep all lines of communication open in order to serve our community as best we can. Let's not lose touch of our mission and connect toward a common goal - Awareness and Evolution! It is also a time to refresh as Autumn begins and we transition into weather pattern changes. Stay alert and enjoy the wonders of nature - they are truly magnificent. Use this to reconnect with Mother Earth again!
Enjoy this March newsletter!
Children_are_Love.jpg   February already, I hope that 2016 is treating you better than 2015. Yes, we are in for some challenges (according to astrology, the planetary alignment is not in our favour for South Africa) but we are here together, so let's lean on each other for support. Let's share all our good times and enjoy our happiness together!

As promised, we are focusing on children's well-being this quarter. This newsletter includes info and tips for children - I hope that you enjoy it.
For other information, please CLICK HERE to view the new children's section on our website.
New_year.jpg   January 2016, so here we are, at the beginning of a leap year! There is so much excitement going on and so many new things happening!
This year, Body and Mind is committed to responsible advertising and bringing to you interesting and relevant information. We wish to be a source of inspiration and hope that our work is changing lives! In fact, we had an experience last week that Body and Mind changed the life of a doubtful facilitator who is now, more...
test2.jpg   December 2015 has arrived! WOW, this year has been a year to never forget. There have been hardships like we could never imagine, days we thought we would never get through and events that changed our lives. But look now, we are victorious!! We handled those trials and opened up to beautiful abundance! There is laughter, there is happiness and most importantly, there is love. The challenges of 2015 have shaped us into bright light beings! Diamonds are formed under pressure, and without pressure, all we have is dirt. So, let the result of this year be diamonds! 
Header(17).jpg   November is a time of gratitude. This month we would like to share what we are grateful for: Firstly, we are grateful to God, our higher Self and That Universal Divine Energy. Then we are grateful for our families and their commitment to see us through everything – all hardships and successes. We are grateful to our dogs who are ever loving and always ready to protect and love us. Then we are grateful to all our Body and Mind members who are so passionate and supportive! We are here to support each other and grow together. Finally, we are grateful to you, our loyal subscribers. Without you, Body and Mind serves no purpose. Our purpose is to bring the good news to you, and we are grateful that you support us! Thank you! This month’s newsletter is beautiful. We hope you enjoy it with the same love as we enjoyed compiling it!