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Angel Connection with Margi McAlpine

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Welcome To Angel Connection

Margi McAlpine is an experienced Spiritual Workshop Facilitator, Principal and Founder of The Angel Connection School of Africa, Master Teacher, Reiki Master, Spiritual Counsellor, Angel Card Reader, Egyptian Healing Practitioner and Past Life Regression Practitioner. She has appeared on national television on Spirit Sundae, 3Talk, The Blue Couch and Free Spirit. She has also been interviewed on numerous radio shows and written articles for various magazines as well as being in demand as a public speaker. She facilitates Spiritual workshops throughout South Africa.

Why Angels?

People around the world are searching for something to fill the void in their empty lives. Grasping for material things, and the satisfaction that provides, is very short lived. Orthodox religions are not providing what they are searching for, and so they look to alternative teachings to fill the gap.

Angels help many of them to find their spiritual path. Angels are simple, well known and loved beings that everyone can understand and work with. No one feels threatened by Angels, and the fact that Angels appear in every known religion, from the Eastern philosophies to Christianity and Judaism, makes them easily acceptable. Angels are the one thing we all have in common. A unifying factor, that binds us all together.
Over the ages, we have slaughtered each other in the name of religion, and yet, we are all one. Angels help us to see and accept one another, no matter where we come from,

A Prayer For Africa - by Margi McAlpine
(Channelled through Lord Serapis Bey)

I feel my feet firmly on the ground.
I see beautiful golden roots growing out of the soles of my feet anchoring and
grounding me to the wonderful energies of the African soil.
I ask Archangels Michael and Metatron to place their
protective cloaks around me and the Continent of Africa.
I call in all the Beings of Light who are working with me and
through me to clear and heal the Continent of Africa,
especially Archangel Metatron and Lord Serapis Bey.

I visualise myself facing North.
I give thanks that the prayers and light I send will move
upwards reaching the next light worker like a bridge.
In this way the whole of the African Continent will be
lit up with amazing bridges of light.
I see the ancient Ley Lines under the earth.
Once they carried light and energy,
now they are filled with darkness and fear.
I send light into each and every one of them,
pushing out the darkness.
I thank the Angels and Beings of Light for bringing in
the Golden, Silver, Violet Flame to assist with this.
These important lines are now energised and full of light.
(take your time to see them being cleared and lit up)

I concentrate my energies on the grids in the etheric around the Continent.
Once bearers of light, these grids now hold the fear of Africa
around the Continent like a vice.
I thank the Angels and Beings of Light as they bring in
the Golden, Silver, Violet Flame to clear the debris by filling them with light and love.
The grids are once more Beacons of Light holding the Continent in unconditional love.
(take your time to see them being cleared and lit up)

I call on the Mighty Archangel Metatron,
the Archangel of Africa to enlighten and awaken the Continent
enabling healing to take place and the ancient wisdom and
teachings to be returned.
Thank you for the healing of all her people,
especially the children and elderly and
those who have been traumatised by violence, war, poverty and disease.
Thank you for the healing of Nature, including all the animals, birds,
insects, sea creatures, the land, the waters, plants and trees.
Thank you that Africa is flourishing under just leaders who work with integrity.
I give thanks for being an African
either by birth or circumstance because Africa is the Cradle of Mankind
and will lead the way into the light.
I am privileged to be a part of this movement.
I put the whole of the African Continent in a beautiful white bubble
of protective light and unconditional love and
entrust it to Archangel Metatron.

"I give thanks today
For my journey forward
To stand in my Highest Power
To be of Divine Service"
(Reshmi Singh)

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