Indie Yoga with Kerry Weavind
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Indie Yoga with Kerry Weavind

Indie Yoga with Kerry Weavind
Your Indie Yoga:
You can practice any day of the week, breakfast - lunch or supper. Where YOU are what makes Indie Yoga great!
Indie Yoga has an approach that stays true to the heart of yoga! We encourage your learning through experience, with committed passionate teachers who can help you unravel YOUR best yoga practise.

Your Fourways studio:
A tranquil retreat setting where most walk in, pause, take a breath in and immediately relax.

Dont be intimidated, you are not alone:
You dont need strength or flexibility to do yoga, but will gain both from yoga!

From Beginners to Advanced:
We meet you on the mat, where freedom is yours to achieve, and experiencing delicious in your body that is more addictive than coffee.

Change your Life today:
Take the first step, call Kerry 084 800 4444 for a chat. Once you start, you won’t look back!
We support beginners to yoga or to Indie Yoga with first timer specials of R200 for 1 week (7 days) of unlimited yoga including mat hire, or 30 days of unlimited yoga with mat hire for R600. A 1 week special can be upgraded to a month special.
We find that you need to find the teacher, style and experience combination that will keep you excited about yoga and keep you on the mat! You can only do this by trying it all out.
Contact Kerry:
Mobile: 084 800 4444

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