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Diana Holloway

"Life Alignment is a journey of discovery, a movement of the sou ltowards Oneness of body, heart and mind."

Life Alignment(incorporating Body Alignment) is an integrated system of energy healing that helps release mental, emotional and energetic blockages from the physical and subtle bodies, bringing them into harmony and balance. It assists in the processes of self growth, conscious awareness and transformation on personal and planetary levels.

LIFE ALIGNMENT Techniques can help you to:
Identify the root cause of issues and help relieve a variety of symptoms.

Release suppressed emotions, past traumas and stress.

Strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body.

Balance the meridians, chakras and subtle bodies and align them with the physical body.

Address all aspects of your life experiences: health and well-being, relationships, home and career, creativity and life purpose environment.

Life Alignment Practitioner

Usui Reiki Courses Levels 1 -4.
By request to suit individual
self development

Creative Journaling Through the Chakras - a dynamic and stimulating creative process for anyone who enjoys putting pen to paper for greater self knowledge and clarity on limiting beliefs/emotional patterns.

Mirrors of Consciousness - looking at what the people in our lives that push our buttons reflect to us about our false beliefs about self.

Energy Management - an introduction to the human energy anatomy An introduction to the function and management of the auric field and the seven major chakras.



For more information on these upcoming workshops,
please email Diana at
Cell: 0834095765