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With more and more people becoming aware and turning to alternative medicines and treatments, Hypnotherapy is fast becoming a Key Factor in helping people in their day-to-day lives. Science now recognizes Hypnosis. Professors Posner and Amir Raz (USA) released scientific research factors features in the New York Times 2005.

The misconceptions created by stage shows, cultures, beliefs and an uninformed public have created a Fear Factor that has prevented many people from using the healing power available from Hypnotherapy. A visit to our well trained professional Therapists will not only provide you with a very enjoyable, relaxing 60 - 90 minute session, but also give you an informed insight into what treatments and techniques would best suit your needs. The total confidentiality creates a trust factor between Client and Therapist that enables the Client to feel safe, secure and motivated to achieve a positive result. At our Treatment Centre, total professionalism combined with modern day techniques and research provides you with an opportunity to improve your Lifestyle.


The figures calculated below are based on actual clients treated at our Centres up to March 2016, and dont necessarily reflect on Research done by other parties.
The levels of results vary from person to person some notice subtle change other more rapid.
Please note these processes are not quick fixes or miracle cures and often we work in conjunction with medical practitioners to achieve a better lifestyle for the client

Smoking 78%
Weight Loss 80%
Stress/Depression/Anxiety 79%
Phobias 65%
Sexual Problems 70%
Nail Biting etc. 80%
Anger 72%
Abuse/Rape assisting recovery 70%
Children 6-12 e.g. Bedwetting, Fear of Darkness 85%
Sleep disorders 65%
Motivation 73%
Other 60% eg Forensics

15% of Adults are highly susceptible.
Children 6-12 years are 85% are highly susceptible.
Samaha Courses in Hypnosis

After 15 years of Research & Development, South Africas leading modern Hypnosis guru, John Dutton has received International Accreditation for his Programme on "Advanced Hypnotherapy", by the GHSC
(General Hypnotherapy Standards Council) of Great Britain.
The international hypnosis register has given him honouree status as an International Coach.

John teaches medical practitioners and alternate who are certified as non medical
SAMHA has 52% medical members and 48% alternate

This 250 Hour and 500 hour ( Advanced)Programme offers Full Accreditation from SAMHA and a
GHSC and IHR membership option.

Our Therapists are available from Monday - Saturday
Contact John Dutton
082 343 7612

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