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 Transform your Life with Allison Scott
Creating profound change in your life, by healing issues, stress and past traumas.
Group Healing Evenings
Same as consultations but done in a group.
Intro talks on the workshops.
Benefits of Energy Healing.
Health / Healing.
Conscious Channeling Workshop™
Transformation Workshop
The Art of Manifesting Abundance®
Empowering Your Life through Energy Healing.

How may I be of service to you?

Motivation / Mentorship (Personal & Corporate)
Major traumatic events & experiences
Dealing with loss (eg. Death or divorce)
Depression / Teenage depression
Relationship issues
Health issues: mild to severe
Mental, emotional & physical issues
Clearing sabotaging subconscious patterns & beliefs
Panic attacks / Anxiety issues
Fears / phobias
Business / Work related issues
Financial / money issues
Performance anxiety
Exam stress
Peer pressure
Low self-esteem
Concentration / Focus / ADD & ADHD

Transformation with Allison Scott
Consultations: Individual healing & coaching sessions:

Absent Healing
Distance Healing
via Skype

“Chucking the Whole Onion” / Depression/Teenage Depression

I recommend this session for someone who is coming to me for the very first time for a session, as this session creates a huge shift in your life view and circumstances.

I believe energy healing is limitless and so we can “chuck the whole onion” instead of “peeling layer for layer”, meaning we can deal with all the “stuff” in one session instead of a session for each issue.  My experience has proven this to be true.  Every experience we have ever had has a negative or positive emotional charge related to it, which can be triggered at any time through our environment or our thinking.  When a negative memory is triggered, consciously or unconsciously, it triggers the negative emotional charge related to that experience which results in us having a negative reaction eg.  feeling down, stressed, lack of energy and in the extreme, depression.

In this healing session I focus on releasing all negative charges in your energy field that no longer serve you, so that you can function better in your everyday life.  The shift experienced is truly life-changing!  This is effective on all levels and in all situations eg. loss of a loved one, divorce, betrayal, death, stress, fear, abuse, relationship issues and overwhelment.

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Clearing Sabotaging Subconscious Patterns & Beliefs

What keeps me in this financial situation? What stops me from getting that promotion? Why do I keep attracting the wrong partners? Why does this health condition persist? Why does “this” keep happening to me?

My personal experience of this has been “mind blowing” and thats why I now include it as a MUST HAVE session for anyone who is SERIOUS about shifting their stuff! 

In this session we tap into the body’s innate wisdom locating and reprogramming patterns and beliefs that may be undermining or sabotaging our ability and efforts to achieve our full potential.

We only develop filters at the age of eight. Before that they are undeveloped, and so our vulnerable and innocent Subconscious Mind believes all the messages that it receives.  This information then becomes deeply embedded in our cellular memory as underlying programs and beliefs that play out for the rest of our lives, sometimes sabotaging our best efforts to improve our circumstances.

Using muscle testing to check the resonance you have with certain beliefs, fears and patterns, one is able to find out what is behind a physical condition or mental or emotional state and then using a powerful technique to shift that.

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Group Healing Evenings

Healings will be done on the group as a whole while each person focuses on their own issue that they want to receive healing on. Amazing shifts happen! Very powerful

How much do you want to change / improve your life? Do you know that you have within you the power to create major changes in your life? This is not limited to one area. You can create changes in your work, relationships, finances, health and play.

Understanding that many people are going through difficult times right now, stress at work or home, whether relating to money or relationships, health issues (which are usually connected to underlying mental or emotional issues) or dealing with loss (through divorce or death), I wish to offer these Group Healing Evenings. 

Many people may not want to discuss whats going on in their lives or speak openly about their "stuff."

At these evenings you wont need to, but you will still be able to receive healing and clear your "stuff". 

Over the years I have accumulated powerful tools that I use to create HUGE change.

I have trained in numerous modalities and I have taken the best of each and created a combination that changes lives.

The methods I use are all subtle, gentle, supportive and non-invasive and have proven to work in amazing ways!

Your life will transform in ways you never dreamed possible!

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Conscious Channelling Workshop™

In this workshop you are taught a step-by-step technique of how to connect with your 12th Dimensional this level you have access to Beings whom you would not be able to access from your 3rd Dimensional space. The technique you will learn is “Conscious” channelling, where you are able to connect with the Higher Realms and still stay fully present in your body, while receiving messages of love and guidance.  Working at this level the Beings that you will connect with are all benevolent who come from a space of Unconditional Love, no judgement and will not interfere with your free choice. Being in this connected space has you functioning, in your everyday life, at a level of coherence and functionality that will impact your work, play, sport and your life in general, in a powerful way!

If you are psychic but fearful of what you open up to, then this technique will ensure that you have nothing to fear and then you can access your psychic abilities with confidence.

Some things you can expect to do:

Channelling your Guardian Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and Archangels
Channelled Healing
Channelled Angel Card Reading
Channelled Regression

This Conscious Channelling connection is the “broadband” connection to the Spiritual Realm!  There is no other technique around that fast-tracks you like this one does! Truly life transforming!

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Transformation Workshop

This POWERFUL workshop will cover the areas in your life relating to:

  • Money / Wealth / Finances
  • Relationships
  • Work / Business / Career
  • Health

Feeling stagnant in your life? Not achieving the success that you want? Lacking motivation and focus? Needing some clarity? In the doldrums? Feeling disempowered? Nothing seems to be going right in your life?

If your expectation is not in alignment with your vision - your vision will never come to fruition!

How serious are you about clearing your "stuff"?  How committed are you to creating the best life you can live?

Your outer environment reflects your inner environment. By changing your inner environment you change your life!

You have the power to change everything in your life within you!

Make the decision to take your power back and put yourself into the drivers seat of your life!

Some of the things you can expect:

  • Clearing shocks relating to specific major events that occurred in your life
  • Heal past issues relating to shock or trauma
  • Aligning you with your goals
  • Clear any blockages or self-sabotaging patterns
  • Balancing negative emotions and fears
  • Reprogramming unconscious mental beliefs improving your ability to create the life you want.

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The Art of Manifesting Abundance Workshop®

Learn tools to change your negative or limiting beliefs around abundance and prosperity.

This workshop consists of:

- Powerful processes that shift the beliefs in lack and limitation held in your body – accessing and releasing cellular memories and belief patterns that keep you from being abundant - mentally, emotionally and physically.

- Guided visualisations and meditations to shift your perceptions and open you up to your true birthright of being abundant in all areas of your life.

- Affirmations – power statements.

Reclaim your power and take responsibility for your life!

Only you can change your reality – nobody can change it for you!

Learn how to bring your dreams into reality!

You create your own reality - learn how to create more money, more love, more joy, more happiness in your life – more abundance on all levels.

Learn how to realize your true potential !

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Empowering Your Life through Energy Healing

4-day Workshop

"In this workshop I share my knowledge, understanding and experience gained over the years, sharing the tools I have discovered that empower people and help them empower their lives.  I share my perspective on life, health and healing.

I share my understanding on life experiences – how and why they happen – how that is related to “dis-ease” in the body – how at the Quantum level everyone is perfect, whole and complete – that the person’s life experience, good or “bad,” has made them who they are today - that it is just the energetic charge related to that “bad” experience that needs to be released. Shifting of their perception alone is the job half done, before even doing the energy healing!" Allison

In her consultations Allison uses a combination of techniques to create huge shifts for the client. Her approach to the healing is not to "fix" the client, but to align them with their perfection to affect massive change in their life. This is effective for the release of grief, shock, trauma, addictions, toxicity, abuse, fears, phobias, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, low self-worth….and much more.

On this course Allison teaches you these techniques and her approach to health and healing, which is unique, so that when you do this for others you will have the same powerful results.  During the training major shifts happen for the individual, as each person gives and receives the healing.

This course is for novices to experienced healing practitioners. No previous experience is required. Those who already have a practice, the skills you will learn will add to any previous experience in a powerful way.

If you feel that that you would like to affect the world in a positive way, making a difference in peoples lives, one person at a time, then this course is for you!



Who should attend this workshop:
  • From novice to experienced healers.
  • Anyone who is interested in healing and wanting to learn skills to help themselves and others.  Those who are new to energy healing will benefit greatly.  No prior experience or knowledge is necessary.
  • Experienced healers will benefit from the information, techniques and tools and be able to blend it with what they already know.
  • If you feel that you would like to affect the world in a positive way, making a difference in peoples’ lives, one person at a time.

The skills and knowledge you will gain will assist you to help yourself, loved ones and clients.

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I also offer :
Regression Therapy
Absent Healing
Grief Counselling
Channelled Healing
Life Coaching 
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