Hypnotherapy with Marietta Hindy
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Marietta Hindy C.Ht, SAIH
Hypnotherapist in Parktown North

Marietta is known by many, through 702 radio, Fair Lady magazine, and hundreds of devoted clients who refer her to their relatives, friends and co-workers. Marietta has had incredible results healing the human mind. She teaches at the General Hospital and has held seminars throughout Europe.

Hypnotherapy is not just her profession, it is her passion as is seeing the incredible results she achieves. Nothing gives her more satisfaction than to introduce the power of the subconscious mind to her clients.

She deals with all aspects of hypnotherapy and sicknesses, goal setting, counselling (company and private).

She is in great demand, so contact her early for appointment

Tel: 011 4420284 Cell: 0733650095

E-mail: mhindy@polka.co.za website www.hypnotherapy.co.za