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The Nan Hua Temple
Go Within or Go Without Retreat

What do you want to achieve in 72 hours?
What holds you back from achieving your dreams?
Leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind and allow us to help you to let go of all boundaries.
Prior to Bev relocating to Nelspruit in 2005 she ran the Bella Vita Centre in Johannesburg, the oldest and most
established holistic healing centre in Johannesburg.

Bev discovered her gift of healing at the age of 14 when she realised she could turn keys and flip coins in her hand
like Uri Geller. A few years later while living and working in Israel, she achieved miraculous results working on a
particular client with a bullet wound
. She was then offered a full-time position by the hospital.
It was there that she realised the healing was coming from within, through her hands.

Bev pioneered the well known Hands-On Healing Course, which is now extensively taught by many of her students.
Together with her late partner, they developed the Self-Mastery Course which has assisted thousands of people on
their path of healing, empowerment and self fulfilment.
Together with her knowledge, empathetic skills, intuitive insight and compassion, she provides a safe nurturing
space where you can move through the most difficult of healing challenges with ease


Alisha (Cell: 083 412 0059) or E-mail: