Family Constellations and Numerology with Richard Higgins
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Transpersonal Numerology Richard Higgins

Family Constellations with Richard Higgins
Transpersonal Numerology
Transpersonal NumerologyRichard Higgins has been investigating many modalities related to the broader Human Experience since the late 1970s.

By returning to the basics of Numerology and Sacred Geometry, he has developed a system he calls Transpersonal Numerology. It is based on a persons date of birth; is simpler to learn and apply than any method he has encountered and is remarkably accurate and insightful.
Family Constellations
Family ConstellationsFamily Constellations is a therapeutic approach expanded on and made widely popular by the innovative and at times controversial German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. In this unique model of transgenerational healing, the members of the Circle are given the opportunity to explore the deeper, unconscious dynamics which occur within their family systems. In so doing they become aware of how these can often contribute to the challenges they experience in their everyday lives. A wide range of problems, which go beyond family issues, can be addressed successfully through constellation work.
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