Follow the Sun with Sharni Quinn
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Follow the Sun with Sharni Quinn
Follow the Sun with Sharni Quinn
Follow your own sunshine with Sharni Quinn
Have you lost your magic, sunshine and sparkle?
Do you feel burned out or like your dream has been shattered, yet still have a smile on your face?
Perhaps you have been so busy looking after everyone in this circle of life that you have forgotten to include yourself…
Career, business, children, personal relationships and marriage push us to be superhuman yet we can get lost in the craziness of it all…

Stop, breathe, get back into balance… Now is the time to look after you!

To love yourself is not selfish, taking care of yourself & ensuring your happiness is not only a necessity, but a priority. You need to nurture yourself so that you have the energy to nurture and to give to others. Self-nurture is not about being selfish. It is about caring for yourself. To find your own path and purpose, to know what lights up your life, what makes your sun shine and what makes your heart happy is not just about being good to others but about being good to yourself!

Rest assured, you are not alone. Sharni and her Sunshine Angels have also, at varying moments in life, found themselves off their path. However through yoga, healthy living, life coaching and travel they have learned tools, tips and ways to get back onto the path and live a radiant life.

If you would like to rediscover your light, sparkle and radiance again in a fun, gentle and light-hearted way, then join The Follow the Sun Tribe. Let’s support and inspire each other as we take you on a journey and guide you through our individual lifestyle offerings, wellness corporate packages and online programs.

Don’t deny your magic…. Follow your dreams, follow your heart and always follow your own sunshine.

Follow the Sun written by Sharni Quinn
Sharni realized she had hit rock bottom. Her husband’s Bipolar disorder disease had taken control of both of their lives and her body began to shut down in response to the havoc it was inflicting on her Soul.

Follow the Sun is Sharni’s personal memoir of descending into darkness, facing her fears, and then mustering up the courage to heal and find her inner light again through yoga travel, and gratitude.

In 2010 Sharni decided to travel and dedicate nine months to the pursuit of rediscovering her inner light. Chasing the sunshine and teaching yoga for charity along the way, Sharni soaked up knowledge from Indian Yoga teachers during sunrise on the beaches of Goa and experienced Mumbai – Bollywood Style – while living with an Indian family. She enjoyed eco-cycle tours through rice paddies while singing Yogic mantras in Bali, and finally, learned how to dive on the Great Barrier Reef and taught yoga and ‘Follow the Sun’ Workshops in Australia.

This personal healing journal will inspire any woman who has had to rebuild herself after losing everything and it will show you how yoga and following your intuition can transform a broken life into a powerful adventure based on trust, personal wholeness and inner guidance. CLICK HERE for more info or to purchase.
Contact Sharni
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Follow Your heart with Sahrni Quinn - Yoga and travel
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