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Healing Web Solutions offers a range of administrative, copy-editing, transcription and programming and web support services for healers, practitioners, metaphysicians and readers. My interest in the areas of Health and Wellness, self-development and alternative and complementary processes combine with my IT and programming skills to offer a range of support services for healers, practitioners, metaphysicians, readers and other health and wellness professionals.

Healing Web Solutions SA


Updating of your current Wordpress site
Fixing of bugs
Changes to your Wordpress site
Website Administration

Healing Web Solutions SA

Proofreading or Copy-editing
I have learnt various healing modalities and am familiar with terminologies used in anatomy, physiology and pathology, as well as various aspects of healing. I can copy-edit or proofread your notes, website or blog.

Healing Web Solutions SA

Typing of your notes, letters or other.

 Healing Web Solutions SA


Transcribing / Transcription
Do you provide and record client readings or would you like your digitally-recorded readings transcribed?
I can transcribe recorded notes or readings from the following file formats:
mp3, 3ga, wav, wma, ogg
The audio is transcribed to a word document, full verbatim, except for uhms and ahs.
**Audio silences are included.

 Healing Web Solutions SA

Word Document Formatting
(Headers, footers, tables, font formatting, etc.)

 Healing Web Solutions SA

(Excel, CSV files)

 Healing Web Solutions SA

Formatting of your data into a database.
If you have data that needs to be formatted, captured or structured for your site or application.

 Healing Web Solutions SA

Ad hoc services/ Administrative functions
Please enquire should you have any other ad hoc or administrative requirements.

 Healing Web Solutions SA

I can research topics for you if you require information.

Topics of interest include:

Healing - I am especially interested in healing, health and alternative or complementary health
and healing or self-development processes.

Computer Applications – for research and assistance in how to do something in Excel,
PowerPoint, Word or other free downloadable software applications.

For more information:

Noelene van Schoor
Email: enquiries@healingwebsolutions.co.za