Meet Yukia Atika
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Elizabete Soares

Meet Yukia Atika a Sound Healer & Spiritual Coach/Counsellor:

Liz is a student of all life Force walking this Earth amazed at every turn and invigorated by how much we have missed out for so long!! She feeds from the SUN!

Her cosmic name Yukia Atika, which means "Ancient Joyous Radiance ". It was given to her as she was addressing God /Goddess the Creator and surrounding in total service to the Light, in a magical meditation 8 years ago.
Experience ,Yukias high harmonic sound frequency, translated in the "Language of Light". It heals, guides , teaches and empowers!
Yukias Gifts ?

  • A spiritual Coach/Counsellor with awaken ultra sensitive clairaudience.
  • A channel of the "Sun Elders and the Inner Circle
  • An author of the recently published book "Passage to Luminae" in a trilogy of Light
  • A Shift, transformation and sacred site healing Agent for Mother Earth.
  • An Angelic Reiki Master
  • An Andean Shamanic Munay Ki, spiritual Guide
  • Seminar / workshop Facilitator
  • A Story Teller
Contact Yukia�s :; Cell Angola: +244921347777
  Cell SA : +27725475196

What they say, about Yukia

A Journey of Healing, Insight & Love
author: Laria_Daniela; Place - USA - date: December 3, 2009, 6:09 pm

It is with a full heart and deep gratitude that I sit down to write about an incredible soul in human form, Yukia! I met Yukia in Peru as we were both on a path of light and healing. My session with her was lead by the Highest Light and Love that I have experienced from another. She powerfully and lovingly connected with the Masters, Angels, and Guides to facilitate my evolution as a Soul in Human form. The journey was insightful, healing, clearing, and uplifting..

I whole heartedly recommend a session with Yukia. You will be in awe and in that you will be transformed.

author: Cathy ; Place - Australia - date: November 24, 2009, 8:26 pm
Yukias healing session

Yukia has amazing ability to connect with people at all levels and can use many mediums to help unlock their own inner wisdom.
In my session Yukia used totem animals that took me on a shamanic journey that connected me to my voice, pathway and heart centre.
Experience the session and feel the difference.

I love Yukia. I experience Yukia as a living temple, and believe that we are all blessed that she walks with us. My time with Yukia was a joy.. I am ever grateful to have shared her friendship, received her healings, and to have shared ceremonies together. For me, being with Yukia was fun and transformative. Yukia is a beautiful person; she is strong and true. She is an incredible channel and healer, and sings in connection to the angels. Her smile and golden radiance show through in the pictures and reflect this and more. She lives in service. Thank you Yukia. With Love and In Truth. Boulder Colorado ,Charlie

author: diane Place=Peru-date: November 30,2009,2:41pm
Yukia stayed at our Healing Centre in Peru for more than a month. She intended to rest and relax but ended up sharing healings sessions and channelling with everyone staying at our centre during her time here.
She connects deeply with her guides ,and knows just what each person needs. Her toning/sound work was especially powerful for me. We did a fire ceremony together that was very healing and transformative.
Yukia is a very gifted, open, loving person who shares her gifts and abilities without ego or self interest. I strongly recommend her as a teacher, a channel.

With pleasure, Sage, USA  I am so happy to give a testimonial for Yukia. I had a sound healing with her to place the emerald crystal and golden key in my heart. It was an exquisite experience that has given me more access to the quantum yin of the heart. She also assisted me in the most difficult clearing work of dark energy I have ever had to do. She was masterful. Yukia is a gifted healer and channel. I am forever grateful for her guidance and healing. My life is changed forever.

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