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Business Alignment

A new revolutionary approach to leading your business/organisation

to success on all levels

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Holistic Healer

Home Alignment is applied to the balancing of spaces, whether it be domestic homes, commercial buildings or the land.

The home/office is an extension of one-self and reflects aspects of ourselves going back to our early experiences, influencing our relationship with our personal space, home space, the environment and the cosmos.

THE BALANCING PROCEDURE of the building is done on the building plan and involves all the occupants of the home, office or organisation.

The client is first taken through certain procedures to bring them into alignment with their personal space (their physical body) in preparation for alignment with their home/work space.

The building is then assessed and balanced for geopathic stress and electromagnetic radiation, as well as any other negative influences.


It is a holistic system of analyzing and assessing the alignment of the organisation with its Mission Statement. It identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Provides solutions to the weak areas and ways to use the strengths to their fullest potential. An Organization Alignment will help you to develop insight and introduce healthy strategies to ensure better success.


  • The organizations Mission Statement -
  • Employees - teams and/or individuals at all levels -
  • Products
  • Contracts -
  • Spaces (geopathic stress points, electromagnetic frequencies, stagnant energy flows, colour, placement, sick building syndrome, etc),
  • Investors -
  • Customers
  • in fact any component part of a business or organisation, of whatever size or function.


  • The Life Alignment methodologies and principles are used to access the underlying issues that either motivate or block the development of the business, teams and individuals -
  • Environmental factors are identified and corrected if needed
  • Individual wellbeing is facilitated - Organisational wellbeing is increased


  • Organizations in crisis -
  • Any organization wanting to enhance performance, and consolidate success. -
  • New groupings of people creating any kind of collective project � a business, non profit, management committee etc -
  • Any sized business/organization wanting to better itself in any way


  • Tangible outcomes are quickly achieved -
  • Harmony in the work place -
  • Increased productivity -
  • Increased success
  • Invaluable learning for the individuals and teams concerned.
  • Happier relationships in the organization -
  • Clarity and insight

CEOs are embracing this modality for its directness, simplicity, and its results. It is not an overstatement to say that they are finding it mind-blowing!

Developed by Dr Jeff Levin,
Founder and developer of the Life Alignment Vibrational healing Systems.

For bookings, contact Christine Hardy on 0823735460 or

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Organisation and Home Alignment