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 Michelle McClunan Durban Astrology


Michelle McClunan - Life Navigator

As a qualified Counselling Astrologer, Process Art Facilitator, NLP Practitioner and Navigational Life Coach, Michelle uses a multi-faceted approach to help people understand themselves, navigate their lives and develop their true potential.


* Astrology Readings

* Navigational Life Coaching

* Process Art - private sessions, workshops and retreats

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A Comprehensive Astrological reading of your birth chart, provides deep understanding and insight into yourself and helps illuminate the meaning and purpose of your life. Annual updates will help you stay on track.

Michelle consults all over the world on Skype or face-to-face in Durban, South Africa.

Astrological counselling - the birth chart reading
Your adventure begins with a reading or your unique Birth chart
During this 90 minute consultation, ..uncovers wounds, challenges and strengths
This can stand alone or you can engage with me for a series of navigational coaching sessions.

Follow ups Astrological counselling
60 minute astrological counselling sessions once to twice a year, dealing with the shifting planetary activity in your chart. These are designed to keep you up to date with yourself and on course with your goals.

Life Direction, Relationships, Self Awareness, Major Life Transitions

"Your reading was insightful and startling with its accuracy and ability to put into words what I had been feeling"

"Thank you for your invaluable insight and advice as to what the Universe holds for me and the unlimited potential that i have. Thus, my journey is about to begin....the very thought excites me!"

"This is exactly what I needed to know right now... at this point. A light on the path of life right now"


Imagine that youre Christopher Columbus and youre setting off on an epic sea voyage to unknown lands. Where would you start? First of all, you would need to know where you are and in what direction youre headed. Then youd make sure you had a sturdy ship, abundant supplies, a good crew, excellent navigational equipment and accurate "up to date" maps ...right?

Just like the worlds great adventurers, each of us is on a voyage of discovery - to ourselves. The good news is that were not alone and we have everything we need. Were equipped with a good vessel in the form of our miraculous bodies, a unique astrology birth chart, which provides us with a map of where we come from and where were going and a built-in compass which helps us to stay on course.

Michelles role as an astrologer, navigational life coach, NLP Practitioner and Process Art facilitator is to stand by you as the co-skipper of your ship and assist you in navigating your way forward towards your True North.

She is the person you can talk to when you find yourself in the midst of shifting circumstances and want to make more informed choices.

Michelles coaching is unique in that the Astrology chart used throughout as a Navigational Device.

Coaching sessions range from 30 minute telephone check-ins to 90 minute process sessions - custom designed for you



Process Art is essentially spontaneous "in the moment" creative expression. It tells you exactly what you need to know about yourself right now.

Connecting with colour, symbols and imagery, offers us clues to the path of our unique unfolding, helping us to understand and often clear challenging inner conflicts. Process art requires absolutely no acknowledged artistic ability or experience.

Whether you work with Michelle in one-on-one Navigational Life Coaching sessions or as part of a group in a class, workshop or retreat, you will find that you have a natural capacity to connect at a deeper level and access imagery that you might not have thought possible. Process art is a joyful, collaborative process of intuitive listening to where you are, right now and how your life needs to unfold.




Private Process Art sessions
Work with Michelle on a one-on-one basis to understand and heal specific issues.

Weekly Process Art classes
Discover your true creative expression, by giving yourself time each week to access your right brain and connect to your soul
This is not an art class and NO ARTISTIC EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY.

Weekend workshops and retreats
Each month, Michelle runs a different one day workshop or weekend retreat, based on the relevant astrological themes of the time
In a supportive, creative environment, she facilitates small groups in connecting with themselves through guided imagery, meditation, process painting, clay and collage.


Call Michelle on 083 414 5641 or

Visit Michelles website at www.michellemcclunan.com