The Health Mentor Prof Celene Bernstein
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The Health Mentor Prof Celene Bernstein

Prof. Celene Bernstein

Would you like to live your life with ZEST?
If you have tried and failed before, try the zest4life approach to find the key to inspiring you to lose weight,
shape up and feel better than you have in years.

I am Prof. Celene Bernstein, The Health Mentor, a graduate of Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical practice and a Zest4life Wellness Practitioner working under the banner of Patrick Holford, supporting overall health and longevity. I work with women of all ages who want to reclaim their zest4life and who are:

  • Highly stressed
  • Lack energy, feel tired much of the time
  • Tried various diets - Always regaining weight lost
  • Need direction to stay on track
  • Want to be a role model for their familys health
  • And desperately want to get back to their "best" self.

I do this by using the very best nutrition science from Patrick Holfords zest4life, through education, inspiring and motivating you to be the best you can be, by making sustainable changes combined with gentle but firm coaching support. My clients say that following my programmes have improved their energy, enabled them to maintain weight lost, regain their Zest4life and live life to the full by experiencing greater health, vitality and much more.

If you are looking for a beautiful relationship with food and your body, a relationship that involves self-nurture and nutrition, where you dont have to worry about discipline or dieting, I am the perfect Health Mentor to guide you. Having years of experience, I know exactly how to motivate and inspire women. I have expert qualifications working as a Patrick Holford endorsed Zest4life Wellness Practitioner; supporting overall health and longevity.

On the programmes you will:

  • Follow health expert Patrick Holfords delicious low GL eating plan - eat more not less! The low GL diet has been proven in many trials to be twice as effective as low calorie or low fat diets
  • Find out if your weight issues could be health issues which are often simple to resolve
  • Learn how to banish cravings in just a few days
  • Follow a structured step by step process to achieve amazing results and get your zest4life back.
  • Weight loss results are commonly 5-6 kilos in 6 weeks with significant improvements in a range of health areas such as energy, digestion, mood, concentration, skin, hair, lower body fat percentage, reduced PMS, reduced cholesterol levels.
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Contact Prof. Celene Bernstein

C. +27 082 338 8185 | T. +27 011 884 4212

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