Academy of Shiatsu
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Accademy of SHIATSU


Earn while you learn

 Learn the Ancient art of Japanese Acupressure massage based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and
the holistic philosophies of the East.

Courses Part-Time

Self employment / 2nd income opportunity


Relieves muscular tension & pain
Improves circulation
Boosts the immune system
Relieves stress, insomnia , Calms the mind

Module 1 Upper Body Head, Neck & Shoulders

Short practical course only 3 weeks

A great introduction to bodywork

Very effective in relieving pain and tension in the upper body

No set up costs can be done anywhere

Module 2 Basic - Full Body Shiatsu

Practical hands-on dispersal and tonification methods

Meridian stretch techniques

Theory introduction Chinese Medicine


Module 3 Intermediate - Meridian Therapy

Pathology and functions of the 12 main Meridians

Bodywork incorporating pressure points

Breathing , Meditation & Visualization


Module 4 Advanced - Oriental Diagnosis and assessment

Advanced bodywork
Face, Tongue and Pulse diagnosis

Abdominal Hara Massage technique


Module 5 Advanced - Extra Ordinary Meridians
Advanced body work, 5 element Nutrition, case studies

Business skills workshop



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