The Space in Between
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Wendy Leppard
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The Space In Between is about Personal Evolution, Awareness, Wakefulness and much more. Re-write your story - choose how you would like to experience your reality through Personal Evolution and learn how to make the changes with ease and elegance using the powerful tools we all naturally have.

Fully access and experience lasting joy, personal empowerment and Transformation. Open up to Expanded Awareness as you step into the Power of the Present Moment. Wendy will guide you to maintain that connection consistently using the tools she shares.
The Metaphysical Energy Sessions Wendy facilitates are not based on any doctrine or belief system and are therefore, not in conflict with any religion or belief.

Wendy blends her skills as a Certified NLP Practitioner, Matrix Energetics Practitioner and a Divine Openings Giver to facilitate Personal Evolution & Healing sessions for her clients.

Wendy has always explored outside of the box and this continuous questioning from a young age has led to her success and ability to inspire and motivate others to reach their true potential.

With Dr Richard Bartlett in Seattle

Wendy with Rupert Sheldrake
In London 2013.

At The Casa Dom Inacio,
home of Joao De Deus (John of God) in Brazil.

With Gregg Baden
at the Omega Centre, Rhinebeck NY.