Homeopath and Educator
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Richard Steele - Homeopath and Educator

Dr Richard Steele BA, HDE, MTech(Hom)

Homeopathic practice

Gentle homeopathic health care, working to support the wisdom and intelligence of our innate self-repair mechanisms. Understanding the connections between physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of health. Utilising homeopathic medicine, herbs, nutrition, counselling and lifestyle adjustment.

Wellness/Wellbeing workshops:

  • Tension! Understanding and managing tension and stress. The mind, body and social conditioning connection.

  • Surfing the waves of our childrens (and our) illnesses. Understanding and working with the wisdom and intelligence of our bodies as they protect, repair and nurture us.

  • Connecting with our spiritual intelligence.

  • Spiritual intelligence at work - improving integrity, creativity and productivity in the workplace.

  • Chaos and continuity - understanding and moving with change.

  • Synchronicity, alchemy and the I Ching - pathways of personal transformation.

  • Crossing the river - engaging with death and dying.


  • Part-time lecturer in Clinical Homeopathy, and in Nutrition, in the Department of Homeopathy, Durban University of Technology.

  • Editing and proofreading. I specialise in academic papers, journal articles, dissertations and theses. All subject areas, but especially the sciences.

The cross-section of an apple symbolizes elements that are central to my homeopathic and educational practice: natural source, good nutrition, core stability, clear boundaries, correlation between inner and outer. The five pointed star at the centre represents earth, water, fire, air and spirit. The seeds and their DNA represent our history and our potential.

110 Cato Road (corner of Clark Road, opposite St Augustines Hospital)
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