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Life skills coach with Simon Inglis

Do you suffer from: Anger, Frustration, Depression & Anxiety?
Do you feel unfulfilled and stuck?

Im Simon Inglis, a life skills coach who helps people suffering from anxiety, tension, fear, anger and depression let go of their need for control. I work with mind-matters in a relaxed way supporting you to tap into your inert gifts and talents building an objective awareness giving new purpose and meaning to your life. Together we shape-shift your vision which broadens your horizons paving a new future no matter how bleak the present.

Does any of the following sound true to you?

No matter what you do or accomplish there always seems to be something amiss, like the constant dripping of a tap

Your earnings prevents you from reaching higher ideals, inhibiting your growth and dampening your prosperity

You feel misunderstood and person alone on a deserted island, with no idea where to from here

Your self-worth is tumbling down, and value has a foreign connotation...

That was me not so long ago, but with the right help there is a way to turn that around!

As much as it may seem otherwise, your challenge does not lie in learning to conquer circumstance, but rather in learning to understand and gradually come to master your own inner world of ideas and beliefs. Professional, social, peer and influential pressures can be demanding. The very cornerstone of our authenticity flies out the window as we pave our uncertain ways just because which inevitably renders us a victim of circumstance one way or another.
As a life skills coach Ill help you learn to relax, develop serenity and awareness and let go of all that unnecessary stress and anxiety youre carrying around, which is simply getting in the way of you creating the meaning and purpose-filled life youre searching for.

If you relate to all I have shared, contact me, as together well gain presence restoring the building blocks to your life purpose!

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Tel: +27113261114 / Cell: +27730134715
Skype: simoncharles6