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Sunshine Academy of Metaphysics & Natural Therapies

And as you’re sitting there wondering whether this is right for you, so too do you feel a flutter of excitement and a sense of “this is it!”

Everyone wants to be happy and successful, right? So what’s holding you back? Take the decision now to make the changes you’ve always wanted.

So what is your reason and motivation for studying?

Would you like to start your own business? Imagine how it would feel to have the freedom and skill to start your own healing practice.  Can you see yourself with your time as your own? Picture choosing your own working hours in the comfort of your own home.  This is especially sensational for working moms, as you will be able to enjoy more free time with your children and see them grow up.  Ask yourself, how would you like to spend your days?

Would you like to expand your already established business? You instantly demand more recognition and respect when you have a title next to your name. Grow your clientele and income by giving your customers what they want, by adding more variety to your list of offerings. Increasing your field of expertise widens your circle of potential customers.  

For personal and spiritual development? You will feel more fulfilled, and learn how to overcome your obstacles and experience a better quality of life. Discover how to meditate effectively to reduce stress and induce relaxation, how to visualise your way to better health and happiness, and so much more, whilst awakening your consciousness and increasing your vibration to a whole new level.

Does this sound wonderful and exactly what you’re looking for? Then come join us on this amazing journey through mind, body and soul as we discover your new reality together.

So what’s different about our courses compared to all the others? That would be our large selection of practitioner courses and attunement systems!  Once you have completed your practitioner module or received attunements, you are able to start seeing clients or passing on the attunements - you don’t have to wait until you have completed your entire course before you can start putting into practise what you have learned, because this way will help you to pay off your studies quicker, and get you started in your exciting new career pronto.


  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP - Practitioner Course)
  • Usui Reiki Level 1 to Masters (Teacher Level - this is the foundation of all other Reiki systems)
  • Ma’heo’o Reiki 1 to Masters (infuses energy healing with Native American ways)
  • Lightarian Reiki (amplifies your abilities to heal)
  • Crystal Healing Practitioner’s Course (because crystals are powerful and amazing)
  • New Earth Teacher 1 - 9 (learn how you can open portals and more remarkable things)
  • Psychic Protection & Development (everyone needs this, don’t they?)
  • Rites & Ceremonies (you will also be ordained as a Metaphysical Minister, if you choose to be)
  • Animal Healing & Communication (easily communicate with all types of animals)
  • Munay Ki Shamanic Rites (you will love these unique initiations from the Incan Shaman of Peru)
  • Crystal Reflexology Practitioner’s Course (combines 2 powerful healing systems)
  • Past Life Regression (explore and discover how your past lives affect your life now)
  • Attunement packages such as Egyptian Energies, Hawaiian Energies, Atlantis & Lemuria, Dragon Spirit, Dolphins & Whales, Angels & Archangels, Ascended Masters,  Abundance & Manifesting, and the Mystery Mastery Healing System

Meet your Facilitators:

Dr Gaynor du Perez (Mama G) was born with the gifts of mediumship and clairvoyance and has been communicating with her guides from a very young age.

Gaynor holds a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science and is also a qualified Herbalist, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and Meridian Therapist, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master of various Reiki disciplines, Crystal Healer, Animal Communicator, Canine Ethologist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Munay Ki teacher (including the Rite of the Womb), Lightarian Attunement Facilitator, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Shamanic Practitioner & Journeying Facilitator, Business Success Coach, NLP Trainer, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Nusta Karpay teacher.

Registered with the Reiki Masters Association, International Natural Healers Association, the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association, Metaphysics Association of South Africa, World Metaphysical Association, the South African Modern Hypnotherapy Foundation and the Guided Meditation Therapy Institute of the UK. And American Union of NLP Practitioners.    

Gaynor and her family (including Emma) have returned to South Africa after their year and a half long spiritual sojourn in Mexico. In her spare time, Gaynor enjoys studying (currently enrolled in paranormal studies, Ufology and CPI training), and playing with her “ghost detector” equipment, as well as reading, walking through the jungle, drumming on her shamanic and djembe drums, and learning to play guitar.  Oh, and homeschooling her 2 young children, with the assistance of Emma, aka Nana.

Gaynor and Lee-Anne are the daughters of Emma and have been blessed with an ancestral heritage of psychic abilities and healing gifts, and wish to facilitate positive change in as many peoples lives as possible.

Gaynor received her spirit name 3 years ago from the spirit of Chief White Cloud, before learning about the Lakota legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman. Whilst drifting off to sleep, Gaynor was awoken by a light and a voice said to her “You are White Buffalo Woman”.  Being the joker that she is, she laughed and answered “Is that because I’m big and white?”  Spirit was not amused that she did not take him seriously and just “stood” there and glared at her as if he didn’t get the joke. She then asked what his name was and he answered “Chief White Cloud”.  The next day, as any rational person would do, she googled both Chief White Cloud, as well as White Buffalo Woman, and was startled and in awe of what she found.  Now to wait and see where this takes us … :)  

Dr Emma Bisschoff is the Vice Principal of Sunshine Academy. In Emma’s own words: For those that know me, aloha, for those who have not met me yet, I am a healer who reaches out to people. I truly believe that when we reach out with our hearts to others, miracles happen. I teach in a way that brings healing to many and gives them inspiration to find their AWESOMENESS.

I am a Reiki Master and have been blessed with an ancestral heritage of psychic abilities and healing gifts. I teach and facilitate a variety of metaphysical healing modalities including Animal Healing & Communication and the sacred Andean teachings of the Munay-Ki (including the Rite of the Womb), and Nustay Karpay . I am an Ordained Metaphysical Minister and travel all over sharing my gifts and teachings. 

A lover of life and people, I prefer to be seen as someone who may be trusted to be a fellow traveller for a while in the lives of those who are in dis-ease with their body, mind or soul until they are able to find themselves again and stand on their own feet on their own path.

Most of all, I am someone who wakes up every day and is thankful for the new opportunities each day brings.  My Higher selfs mission is loving service to the Divine and walking in the Light and empowering people to live their lives with integrity, listening to their own inner voice and teaching them skills where they can lift themselves up to their highest potential, and infusing them with joy, peace and clarity.

I don’t see life as a struggle, but rather as a journey through which fulfilment can be experienced. There is no situation where we cannot change our attitude or reaction to it. My philosophy is that anything we do is offering our gifts to the world for anyone who needs them.

Registered with Healing International, the Advanced Life Coaching Institute (UK), the Metaphysics Association of South Africa, the International Metaphysical Practitioners Association and the World Metaphysical Association.

Please e-mail us for a full course Prospectus and further information: