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World peace - one personat a time

I believe that we all contribute to world peace. Scientific research in the effectiveness of the TM technique proved consecutively that if the square root of 1% of any population is peaceful and happy and feels fulfilled in their lives, that tiny percentage of the population is enough to influence the others and cause a measurable decline in violent crimes and motor accidents. The methods I use have helped me to overcome my stutter, IBS, and depression. Wellness practitioners like myself can help one person at a time and increase the level of happiness in each person, and this will have an extremely positive influence on a personal, environmental, and global scale, as it will encouraging more people to find their happiness instead of staying trapped in the cycle of violence and unhappiness.

Overcoming stuttering, anxiety, IBS, depression - the development of Neuro-Behavioural Sound Reprogramming

Ever since I can remember, happiness has always been the most important thing to me. When I was 15, hearing Beethovens 5th symphony for the first time, I was overwhelmed and astounded by the psycho-emotional effect that sound can have on a person. Although high school was rather a nightmare - I had anxiety, IBS, an impossible stutter, terrifying acne, a mouth full of braces, and depression - I always knew that after school I could escape to a beautiful world of happiness in my mind, listening to the great piano concertos and symphonies.

Even though I was only imagining it, I actually felt happy.

I was later to understand that the subconscious mind can not tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

While studying fine art at Michaelis UCT, I was offered a chance to present a program on Fine Music Radio 101.3 Cape Town - a huge challenge to overcome my stutter, which had not changed, despite years of speech therapy. I developed a method specifically for my radio show "Winding Down" where if I felt my speech blocking, I would change the word or the phrasing of what I was going to say, and I found that this allowed me to continue with only a slight pause, instead of trying to force the word through the block, over endless ticking seconds of dead air!


- BA Fine Art - University of Cape Town

- Diploma in Hypnotherapy (C.Ht) - Hypnosis Motivation Institute, California

- Certificate in Conversational Hypnosis - Igor Ledochowski, London

- Hatha Yoga Teachers Certificate - Anada Kutir Ashram, Cape Town

- Third Degree Usui Reiki Master - Najma Ebrahim, Cape Town

- Transcendental Meditation - Liz Welsh, Cape Town

- G8 Royal Schools of Music, piano - Stewart Young, Cape Town

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