Mental Combat with Deon Groenewald
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The Mental Combat Team is made up of people that have completed the full training program. Many of them offer much of their time willingly for free to assist the brand to reach its vision.

Mental Combat offers the magic change techniques in a full NLP Practitioner course combined with the structure and processes of a full Life Coaching Certification Course all in 1 powerful 12 day training program.

Become a NLP Practitioner and Life Coach

There are many people (regardless of their level of education) in our lives that suffer from the lack of knowledge of how their beliefs and attitudes influence the quality of their lives. We all have our own perception of our career and life in general and it often is clouded by excuses and reasons why we cannot succeed. This is one of the reasons why our NLP and Life Coaching courses are so powerful.
We train students to assist people to re-program what they believe about themselves in order to help them achieve the life they want and deserve.
It is all about true passion to help people to have a better life. Mental Combat will train you to join one of the most gratifying careers in the world today.
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Imagine in in a few minutes you could be feeling absolutely amazing. Using the incredible power of your own mind, our advanced self hypnosis downloads will move you gently into a deeply relaxed and powerfully focused state where you can enjoy a state of relaxation like the deepest meditation.

Its human to like to be liked, and to like to fit in and get on with those around us. This is what constitutes the social glue that keeps us relatively comfortably together. Contributing in some way to the groups of which we are a part is in fact a fundamental human need. That is, it is one of the things that we all actually have an innate drive to do, and we suffer mentally and emotionally if we cant do it.

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