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Banting Lifestyle

The Banting Diet : How it started

William BantingWilliam Banting was an English undertaker in the 19th Century. For most of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th his family business was the undertakers to the Royal Family. He was obese, and had tried many different fasts, diets, exercise regimes etc without any success he took the advice of Dr. William Harvey who had taken the idea from a lecture on diabetes management given by Claude Bernard.

Mr Bantings diet consisted of four meals a day of meat, greens, fruits and dry wine. He cut out sugar, starch, beer, milk and butter.

In essence the Banting Diet or Banting Lifestyle, a better term, is about replacing carbohydrates as an energy source with fats.

This may seem strange since fats have a much higher energy content per gram than carbohydrates. The reason is that carbohydrates energy is available instantly, there is no need or very little that the body has to do in order to utilise the energy. This means we get spikes of energy then drops. These drops make us hungry and therefore we eat more and take in more food than we really need. With fats the body has to work on them and convert them to carbohydrates before it can use the energy. This results in a sustained flow of energy over a period of time. We do not get the sugar highs and lows of the carbohydrate diet.

This is a very simplistic way of looking at it. It is obviously a lot more complex but it is an adequate explanation for now.

Neil Jackson

My name is Neil Jackson and I am a pharmacist, qualified since the 1980s. I have an additional qualification of Diploma in Datametrics from UNISA, a computer science qualification.

I have run a number of successful diet or lifestyle clinics in the various pharmacies I have worked.

I started this on reading Tim Noakes book The Real Meal Revolution. I was not too impressed with the books historical content, a full review is available on my website (A review of The Real Meal Revolution).

The timing of the Banting Diet was perfect for me. I had broken my shoulder, head of the humerus, and had not been able to exercise for 5 months. I had added 9kg to myself and was the heaviest I had ever been.

I started my own Banting Lifestyle and have since got down to my goal weight. I have used my success and knowledge to create my version of Banting.

It is available as an eBook

Banting Lifestyle eBook

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