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Access Your True Nature with Sarah - Jane Farrell

Is FEAR or LOVE running your business?

That is a big question and the sad thing is that most small business owners (coaches, counselors and mission-driven FEMpreneurs) would likely answer that FEAR is not only running their business, yet running THEM into the ground.

You know, I know that there was a time when you felt inspired. When you had a vision for your business. And that vision included feeling fulfilled, motivated and energized each day to bring your good work out into the world.

Yet, now after a few months or years of working hard and not getting to where you want to be, you feel frustrated, overwhelmed and discouraged. Fear has set it and confused your mind, body and spirit, causing you to wonder if you really can create a profitable business that creates positive change in the world.

My name is Sarah-Jane Farrell, and I know how all of that feels. And, I am here, extending my hand, to let you know that you truly can enjoy a business that you love, that is in service to the people you are meant to serve and that makes you good money too!

If you are a woman entrepreneur, coach or high shine, conscious heart driven business owner ready to learn how to put more heart into the world as you put more money into your wallet, you are In the right place! Now is the time for the feminine economy and a whole new paradigm of joy in business.

Your greatest concerns include...

- How to figure out who your ideal clients are and how to create messaging that resonates so powerfully with them that they want to know more about you and your work
- You are concerned with how to narrow down your niche so that you can become an expert who commands top dollar for her services
- You wonder how to make the best decisions for your business so that you feel confident about how you are investing your time, money and energy
- You want to know the steps to take and in what order so that you can build a sustainable business that becomes your legacy over the years
- Youre wondering what Heart Based strategies work the best for YOU and YOUR business and how to implement them with greater ease and flow
- Not knowing how to create a revenue plan with strategies that lead to meeting your revenue goals month after month keeps you up at night
- And, you really want to make your own self-care and self-love activities a priority so that you can feel connected to your life and enjoy your family and friends as you run your business... yet you are troubled over your inability to do that yet

Right now, you need to know that...

- you can do this
- you have an important purpose on this planet
- just because you havent found success yet, doesnt mean that you wont
- everything that you have ever experienced in your life has brought you to this moment
- you are not alone
- there are life, spiritual, wellness, business coaches and entrepreneurs out there who truly making it and you can too
- there is an entire community of like-minded women and a Heart Based Business building program awaiting you... right now... and it is at your finger tips...

Your next step is...
Schedule a complimentary 1:1 30-45 minute skype or telephonic appointment with me to discuss what you are experiencing in your business and how to get you back on track. Youll feel so much more empowered after your appointment with me and its easy to schedule... Just complete the form

You already have everything you need, you just never knew how to Access Your True Nature so you can BE the creator of your own destiny and power up your life!

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