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In every moment of every day Life finds expression as us. Every thought we have, every choice we make, every action we take defines that which we choose to manifest.


­ Insights and guidance on your specific level of consciousness; developmental tasks, challenges and transcending to the next level.
­ Guidance towards living consciously, deliberately, harmoniously and beneficially to ALL.


Wisdom Circles are communities of Oneness that gather informally on a weekly basis to explore and share spiritual teachings, meditations, chanting, breathing techniques and other processes, supporting Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment. Spiritual Students who are committed at a deep level to their own spiritual awakening,supporting others on their journey and raising global awareness and consciousness are welcome to inquire.

Wisdom Circles:
Monday 6:30 - 9pm ( Advanced)
Tuesday: 6:30 _ 9pm ( Advanced)
Wednesdays 6:30pm ­ 9pm. ( Advanced)
Thursday : 10am - 12pm ( Advanced)
Saturday: 9am- 11am ( Beginners)

Venue: 5 Bedford Street, Farrar Park.
Wisdom Circles Teacher and Coordinator: Dr Desre Coertze
Tel: 083 271 0224

Regression Therapy

Who am I?/Why am I here?

Enter the heart of the Spirit World as you discover your Life Between Lives. Gain a better understanding of the mortality of your Soul. Meet your day-to-day challenges with a great sense of purpose as you begin to understand the reasons behind events in your life. While in a deep state of hypnosis/relaxation recall your experiences in past life times and your existence in the spirit world.


Session 1 : One and a half hour

  • • What month of pregnancy your soul entered your body and why
  • • What your souls first impression was of the body and the brain chosen for this lifetime
  • • Your soul connection to your biological mother
  • • Your main challenges in this life time
  • • How you felt being here, a minute after you were born
  • • What you brought with you from your past life times
  • • What you knew in advance about the life you were born into

Session 2 : Two hours

Three past life times are covered in this session.

A happy past life time to learn the ropes but also to gain insight as to what year it was, what country or continent, your gender, what work you did, your social status, your loved ones, highest achievements , what events led up to your death, what you learned from this lifetime and its influence on your life today. The necessary healing is done when needed.

The second lifetime is utilized to explore your souls highest achievement up until now, using the same process as above.

In the third lifetime you are taken back to the past life time that has the most profound influence on your life today. Ending this session with a hypothesis regarding what your soul has already re- discovered about itself and what your life purpose is in this life time.

Session 3 : Two to two-and-a-half hours

In this session you learn details about

  • • Your most recent past life time
  • • What you see and feel right after death,
  • • Entering the spirit world
  • • Meeting you master spirit guide
  • • The place of healing
  • • You soul family and your soul contracts with them in this life
  • • The Council of Elders who we have the privilege to meet between life times
  • • Your soul purpose
  • • Your main challenges in this life
  • • How many bodies your soul has experienced
  • • Have you predominantly been male or female in you incarnations
  • • Do you have any preferences when you incarnate in terms of gender, geographical area or culture
  • • What work you do in the spirit world
  • • Soul recreation
  • • Where and when was your first incarnation on Earth
  • • How you existed before that
  • • Why you choose a certain body
  • • Your unification with the chosen body for this life

Session 4 : One and a half hour

This session is focused on integration. Assisting you to integrate your LBL experience and your life today

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