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About Body and Mind

Welcome to Body and Mind. My name is Traci French, the founder and owner of Body and Mind. For 14 years, this business has been, and will continue to be, my passion. I love what I do, because I am privileged to meet the most wonderful, inspiring people every day. I am able to connect the right people on their journey of healing, and promote others to get their message out to the world and to people that need it.

Vision of Body and Mind

To connect the world with natural/alternative health.

Mission of Body and Mind
To give health a voice, and connect the right people to one another on their journey of healing.

We do our best to ensure people are well informed and aware of all things health related, and connected to those that can help them in their healing process. Happiness starts from within ourselves, and that means that being healthy on all levels ( physically, mentally, and spiritually ), is a key component to a happy life.

Body and Mind promotes people who offer a variety of complementary therapies and products, from aromatherapy to Zen Meditation. Our aim is to create a platform for therapists to promote themselves to the public.

We love to give all therapists, healers and health practitioners the opportunity to express and utilise their healing talents, and create a space for them to come into contact with people who need it, and vice versa.

I wish health, happiness and joy to all!

Hugs & Smiles,

The Body and Mind Team - Christmas lunch 2013

Body and Mind Team

From the Left:
Inge - Customer Liaison, designer, personal assistant and lots more
Tarryn - Marketing, designer, sales, and so much more.
Traci - The one that pulls it all together.
Debi - Tracis sister who also worked for Body and Mind before, who was awesome with customers.
Jenna - Tracis niece who also worked for Body and Mind before, good at everything she did.

Not in the photo but still part of our team:
Ester - Accounts lady but lives in JHB so couldnt be in our team photo
Heather - our new addition to our team, our bubbly and cheerful interviewer.
Lisa - another new addition to our team, creative researcher, blogger and article writer.

So the Body and Minds team is growing and we are loving every minute of it.