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Saint Germain says:
  “The Eternal Decree has gone forth:


and I want to be Crystal Clear that only knowing that Truth, and in the Practice of that Truth, shall you be Free, and that Truth is: ‘I AM’. For ‘I AM’ is the Great Key and Password into the Presence of God, your own God-Self, and is your own individual expression of the Full Manifestation of God in Action.” – Excerpt from “I AM” The Open Door,Discourse XI as given to Peter Mt Shasta.

KNOWLEDGE OF OUR “I AM” PRESENCE, THE ‘LAWS OF LIFE’, THE USE OF THE SACRED FIRE, AND THE ASCENDED MASTERS (examples are Lord Gautama Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Germain and 1000’s of others) .

Through a dispensation given to Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters, during the last century, knowledge of our individualized God Presence,“I AM,” The Laws of Life and the use of the Sacred Fire, have again been given to humanity, in simple, clear terms. No longer is the Law hidden in parables, or in the vaults of sacred Temples in India or Tibet! The breaking of the immutable Laws of Life is the cause of all distress, the effect is written across the face of the earth.

We have decreed for ourselves, lifetime after lifetime, using the ALL POWERFUL NAME OF GOD “I AM,” limitation and distress (‘I Am’ sick, tired, afraid, poor, angry etc.) and it is now time to reverse this fatal process, and learn the right use of the most powerful creative word in the Universe “I AM,” and assist with bringing our earth back to her original beauty, and create the lives of Peace, Harmony, Health, Abundance and Love, as was always intended to be!

We too can reach our ultimate goal of Freedom, The Ascension – free from the wheel of birth and re-birth, and assist our Earth and all life on her through this critical transition stage, with the knowledge of our all-powerful God-Presence,“I AM,” and use of The Sacred Fire, which our “I AM” will release for our use when we are responsible enough to receive this Gift of Light.

The workshops endeavour to ‘open the door’ to further study and application of the Ascended Master’s Teachings on the Laws of Life. Books are free online to download, and printed ones are sold at cost at the workshops.


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