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Welcome to Conscious Creative Living

Welcome to Conscious Creative Living

Ashraf Moorad B.Sc Hons (Psych)
Psycho-Spiritual Scientist & Empowerment Specialist

-Founder of The Blissful Living Self-Empowerment Programme -
-Director of Human Potential Unlimited Life Enrichment Training-

Enrich the Quality of Your Being & Enhance the Quality of your Life!

  • Personal Wellbeing & Transformation Expert -
  • Self-Empowerment Speaker & Teacher -
  • Psycho-Spiritual Empowerment Counsellor, Healer & Therapist -
  • Seminar Presenter & Workshop Leader -
  • Corporate Trainer & Consultant; Author, Philosopher & Visionary

Psycho-Spiritual Self-Empowerment
Counselling, Consulting, Seminars & Workshops

Enjoy Your Self & Live the Life Your Desire !

  • Personal Satisfaction & Fulfilment -
  • Physical Ease, Health & Wellness -
  • Material Abundance & Financial Freedom -
  • Mutually Respectful & Satisfying Relationships -
  • Deal creatively with less than ideal experiences -
  • Live creatively experiencing your desired personal reality -
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Reclaim Your Personal Power & Create the Reality You Want !

Empower Yourself with Ashraf s liberating life-work as he presents his pioneering Psycho-Spiritual Perspective on Healing Dis-ease, Distress, Dissatisfaction & Lack and Revealing Ease, Joy, Satisfaction & Prosperity.

For almost 2 decades Ashraf Moorad has been on a existential quest to (firstly) understand the Human Experience & The Nature of Personal Reality, and (secondly) to apply this knowledge to support (his own & others) Authentic Creative Empowerment.

After much academic and esoteric study in the area of personal development, healing and transformation and professional experience as a therapist / healer, Ashraf ( based in Durban ) travelled across the major centers of South Africa working with individuals and groups, sharing his discoveries about Psycho-Spiritual Self-Empowerment .

Understand why your life is the way it is,
and how you can create it to be the way you desire it to be !

During this time Ashraf uncovered the answers he was looking for and his quest was fulfilled, culminating in his life-work The Blissful Living Self Empowerment Teachings being formulated. This is a non-religious, universal, psycho-spiritual-scientific body of applied knowledge. It is Ashraf s contribution in supporting Psycho-Spiritual Wellness and Authentic Personal Empowerment in South Africa.
The programme provides information, insights, skills, spiritual technologies & personal support that make the Blissful Living Teachings a unique applied pragmatic approach.

T.B.L.T is concerned with universal principles of creative energy flow as it relates to our personal experience of reality. Ashraf applies the teachings to support those who are sincerely committed to helping themselves (heal their resistances / powerlessness and reveal their) experience (of) conscious creative living.

What Everybody Needs to Know about Life & Living !!!

Ashraf Moorad is committed to empowering the people of South Africa (with his unique psycho-spiritual perspective) to living joyful fulfilling lives. He is a teacher & therapist pioneering the field of Psycho-Spiritual Empowerment and Transformation for over 15years.

Ashraf has a variety of academic and other qualifications in science, psychology & spirituality as well as extensive therapeutic experience in supporting personal wellbeing, wellness & in crisis counselling. He is the founder of the nationally presented Blissful Living Self-Empowerment Programme and is the director of Human Potential Unlimited life enrichment training.

For over a decade Ashraf has been touring across South Africa sharing his programme in the following major centres Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. He has conducted over 60 national events to date as at August 2012 and has led over 250 support groups sessions in Durban. Ashraf has released over 100 audio cds from these learning events.

Ashraf has been featured on SABC1, Top TV & CTV. He has conducted over 40 radio interviews on various national stations including SAFM, Lotus fm, Voice of the Cape and other community radio stations. He was featured in print media as an expert consulted on the nationally circulated Essentials magazine.

Ashraf is ready to share his applied psycho-spiritual gems with you.
Are you ready for his mind-blowing & life-transforming work ?




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