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“Every creature, every person, everything, everywhere is intimately connected to one another, as if it is one grand organism.”

That is exactly the spirit of Alchemy Esoteric shoppe and Wellness Centre. This is the place where like-minded individual gather and enchant their authentic spirit in a beautiful, safe and sacred space for healers, therapists teachers – an environment where they could make their dreams come true and a place where their heart-centred business could be nurtured and shared with other like-minded souls without having to worry about anything more than their mere being.

The sound of wind howling through wind charms, dream catchers and the scent of incense in the air, we were warmly welcomed at Alchemy during one of their monthly hosted fayres.

They are suppliers of a large variety of esoteric products and gift items. They host weekly talks on interesting topics and monthly Esoteric/Psychic fayres. As you enter the shoppe it certainly caters for all your spiritual needs with ornament, books, gifts and souvenirs of all spiritual guides/healers and spirits. You enter a domain filled with divine energies from angels to Buddhism and all things in-between.

I spoke to Brigitte Holmes, founder and co-owner of Alchemy about this amazing enlightened establishment. It all started out in 2005 when Brigitte had a car accident and was unable to continue work in the corporate industry. ”I had always had a passion for all things esoteric, so I opened up a small Esoteric Shoppe with a friend of mine while I underwent the necessary surgery and recovered from my injuries. The Shoppe continued to run for 2 years, during which time I was well enough to return to my corporate career but I found that I could no longer give my soul longed to be back in this healing space, so when my life-partner, Allan Erwee, encouraged me late last year to start thinking about reopening my shoppe, I don’t think he realized quite the size of the monster he had unleashed! We found the perfect property and have re-launched ourselves -bigger and better than before. We are working together to make my dream come true” she said.


Alchemy is much more than just a shop but also a wellness centre with various workshop – reading – and therapy rooms available for part-time rental. The Alchemy Esoteric Shoppe and Wellness centre strives to be an incubator that helps to grow many new business and launch many careers in this wellness / esoteric / healing community. They have excellent therapists working from their centre on ad-hoc basis, while they continue with their corporate careers which allow them to nurture their passions into self-sustaining businesses. As the business expands I asked Brigitte what lies ahead in the future; “We run workshops from our centre every weekend and we also host interesting talks every Wednesday evening as well as our monthly fayres. We’re hoping to start more day-time activities as we’ve had requests from people who cannot attend our evening or weekend events, so we’re looking to grow that side of the business over the foreseeable future. We’d love to have morning Yoga and Meditation classes too, rather than just our current evening classes. We also want to open up our own coffee shoppe! I’d love to see the shoppe and our centre buzzing every day and not just on weekends or event days.

Alchemy host monthly fayers open to anyone of the public with a variety of activities, speakers, vendors and ever-famous psychic readers. “This enables people to get a glimpse into different subject matter,” she said.

Brigitte explains the experience of Alchemy; “I really love that I can create this healing space for healers and and members of the public in which their vision can be lovingly held. I also enjoy able to connect other people to their own spirituality.

As a Soul Coach, I can gently guide people on their journey until such time that they’re ready to step out of the cocoon we’ve created for them.”

Alchemy Esoteric Shoppe and Wellness Centre is open Tuesdays to Sundays 9:30 to 3:30pm and a sure one stop shoppe for all your spiritual needs.

If you would like to find out more about Alchemy Esoteric & Wellness Centre, please contact us!

Brigitte Holmes
083 275 2194