Ageless Grace with Deborah Nicholls
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Ageless Grace with Deborah Nicholls

Anti Aging Exercises with Deborah Nicholls
Ageless Grace with Deborah Nicholls
The Anti-Aging Exercises fitness programme is simple and playful, based on the science of neuroplasticity
that uses all five areas of the brain and addresses all 21 aging factors of the Body.
Music is an integral part of this programme as it stimulates the body and brain.
This programme is specifically practiced using a chair to work the entire core of the body in a way that cannot be done standing. The easy to do exercise program is suitable and beneficial for all ages:
developmental for children, preventative and restorative for ALL AGES, both Males & Females!

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Cape talk with Deborah Nicholls on Ageless Grace antiaging exercises

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Deborah Nicholls Interview on FMR FM:
Why Anti-Aging Exercises Works

We are told that exercise can prevent the effects of aging on the body, and a Sudoku a day keeps the dementia at bay. However, we tend to separate our physical and mental workouts (unless, of course, you particularly enjoy a word puzzle whilst pumping iron). Working the different functions of the brain, whilst exercising, stimulates neuroplasticity. Thereby resulting in the brain changing its form and function over a lifetime. Neural pathways go from the brain to various parts of the body like highways of information. By practising something physical, the brain observes and creates a pathway. If we stop practising this activity, the pathway shuts down, but will still exist in the body.

The key is to practise the physical and mental skills you want to maintain by reopening existing pathways and creating new ones, Denise informs.

For example, by re-enacting something like riding a bike or going for a swim we are reopening the neural pathways created when we were young. Denise goes on to explain that, For some people who may have never done those things, observing others in group carry the exercise out and then practise it physically, they are able to create a new neural pathway.

Ageless Grace was created as part of a graduate degree program for nursing at the Duke Medical School and University in America. It has been trialled in various divisions of the hospital for patients in rehab, cardio, paediatrics and gerontology wards and for those suffering diabetes, obesity, Parkinsons, and cognitive decline including dementia and Alzheimers. All the results from children to elderly showed vast improvement in brain function, the healing process, and efficiency of movement.
Denise credits this success to the design of the program, We knew that this program had to be easy and brief. It is designed to be done for ten minutes a day, every day, on your own when you first wake up. Though it is also carried out it group sessions like this. It works because its simple and silly, we have lots of fun.
Anti Aging Exercises with Deborah Nicholls for your Wellness
Contact Deborah Nicholls:
021 531 2052 / 072 725 1100

Why Anti-Aging Exercises Works
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