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Situated in the beautiful Valley of 1000 Hills, KwaZulu Natal, Sacred Journeys is a sanctuary dedicated to providing 'Living in Awareness' Retreats, Workshops, Programs & Community Gatherings that reconnect you with your body, mind, heart & spirit. Our dynamic & life changing experiences are designed to support you in your quest for healing, self-growth & personal excellence.

The experience of life is meant to be a sacred journey.  It is our intention to support you as best we can to help you expand your awareness and heal whatever prevents you from living your life as the sacred journey it is meant to be. You deserve to be celebrated & honoured!

Both Lou & Laurel Consult Privately with individuals who are committed to personal growth. In their unique & individual ways, they each offer profound, life-changing insights from a deep well of wisdom gathered from their own healing through applying these ancient Twisted Hairs Teachings in their own lives. Lou & Laurel offer practical tools, teaching & life skills, guiding you through the clutter and confusion. Their goal is to help each individual Live in Greater Awareness, empowered to move beyond just surviving towards creating a life filled with health, happiness, humour, hope & harmony.

Sacred Journeys offers a variety of Shamanic Gatherings, some of which include these Signature ‘Living in Awareness’ Retreats, Workshops & Programs, each designed to promote & enhance a more awake, aware and alert way of living. You will be equipped with knowledge and tools to empower you to live with more balance, in alignment with this precious world & in harmony with the sacred humans that surround you.

Awareness Retreats are an opportunity to withdraw from the busyness of life for a selected time period, so you can focus on yourself – guilt free – without distractions. You can focus your precious energy on developing a stronger connection to yourself, being more present to identifying and addressing your dreams, desires and personal needs.

The Living Clean Program is an intensive 10 day process designed to help you face those addictions, patterns & behaviours keeping you trapped in an unproductive cycle. As you free yourself of their grasp, you will learn to identify & develop constructive ways of taking care of your real needs, providing greater fulfillment and satisfaction from life.

Relationship Workshops set the stage for honest, clear communication with yourself as you learn to create healthier, more empowered ways to be in relationship on all levels – whether it is your self, your beloved, your children, your parents, your co-workers or the server in your local grocer.

The Rainbow Warrior Program provides the foundational framework, it is the first step to any further Shamanic Training at Sacred Journeys. Those who choose to be a Rainbow Warrior are ready to commit to healing themselves as they walk their Path of Heart, upholding the integrity, power & beauty of these ancient Twisted Hairs Teachings. For those who desire to be of service to others, this becomes the Path of the Apprentice.

 We honour & celebrate Grandmother Earth's natural seasonal cycle by coming together regularly throughout the year for Community Gatherings. Each Gathering is different. Every time we come together to sit in Circle, we honour ourselves & each other for who we are & our current state of being. Contact us to for upcoming Community Gatherings.

Red Owl Sisterhood is a Sacred Space of exploration for Women. Its intent is focused on upholding, honouring and celebrating the Second Universal Law stating; 'All things are born of the feminine, receptive conceptive energy and sparked by the masculine, active conceptive energy'. Within this universal womb, we explore, experience & celebrate the ancient roots of women's wisdom and power, as we pursue our commitment to individual and collective mutual growth for all humans.

We all seek to be the best we can be, for ourselves, for our impact on the world & in the way we engage with and relate to others, especially those we love.
These Gatherings have been created to offer you profound opportunities for healing, growth & personal transformation so you can thrive.

We would love to hear from you, so contact us:
Lou Worldweaver & Laurel Weaving Willow
+2782 571 3306