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Sacred Journeys is a Sanctuary dedicated to providing Awareness Programs, Retreats, Workshops & Community Gatherings that reconnect you with your body, mind, heart & spirit.


The Shamanic Approach is HOLISTIC; we look at the WHOLE you - your emotional fluidity, physical health, mental clarity, spiritual determination and your harmonious connection to all life. Being in balance with these aspects means that you are functioning at optimum level.

Since everyone is influenced and affected by their inner and outer world, good or bad, imbalances happen.

As you accumulate life experiences, especially the ones that have a negative impact, you may lose your balance and become weighed down by emotions, especially those that cannot effectively be expressed or released. In your uniqueness, you look for a way to cope that best works for you. Some are effective and others may form unwanted habits like smoking, overeating or substance abuse. You may become withdrawn which impacts your self-esteem resulting in a lack of confidence, feelings of worthlessness and a lack of purpose in life.

The Shamanic Approach respects your individuality, your right to be in balance and your wholeness. It addresses the cause of these imbalances and opens your mind to other perspectives, possibilities and choices. Through this, you will gain greater levels of self-trust, self-respect and the celebration of your uniqueness.

The Shamanic Approach is HOLISTIC; we look at the WHOLE you. In this way, each gathering is designed to empower you and bring you back to a centred and balanced state so that you may choose to live the life you want to be living.


Through this 2 day Retreat, you are reminded of the simplicity & power of Awareness. You gain practical tools for discovering more of who you really are & become more open, receptive & discerning to life’s opportunities.

April 11th – 13th 2017

R3 000 per person (includes 3 nights self-catering accommodation)

Spend 10 profound days with us as we guide you through an intense process designed to successfully break free of unproductive patterns, behaviours & addictions & remove the emotional pain from your life in a supportive, healing & empowering environment.

July 6th – 16th 2017 
November 30th – December 10th 2017

R12 000 per person (includes 10 nights self-catering accommodation)

Join us for 2 days as we support you in your exploration of how to co-create conscious relationships that feed & support you, empower your life & enhance how you relate to others.

April 28th – 30th 2017 

R3 000 per person or R5500 per couple (includes 2 nights self-catering accommodation)


This succession of 6 Weekend Workshops over the course of one year provides the foundation for all further Shamanic Training with Sacred Journeys.

This Program provides Seekers with a comprehensive introduction into The Shamanic Approach to living life with presence & awareness.

Due to the nature of this Program, we only take 9 new students each year.

We are now accepting applications for the next group, to begin in May 2017.

If this ‘Path of the Rainbow Warrior’ touches your heart, call us ASAP to discuss it.

Lou & Laurel work with individuals and groups; inspiring those who want to make positive changes in their lives & discover how to live a life of meaning & purpose.

Contact us to discuss your personal needs so you can create your own SACRED JOURNEY!