Barbara Kuppers - TRE for Africa
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Do you want to live in a healthy, happier and more fulfilled way? Come for some sessions so I can teach you how to do this for yourself and for your own well-being or come and train and be of service to others after a mere eight months of training.

At 42, after a 2nd failed marriage, I decided that I needed to get to know myself and explore my mood swings, my high levels of anxiety and fear and my inability to control my emotions. I started therapy and, after a few years, I started to learn various therapy practices to try and help myself and others who felt as overwhelmed with life as I did. By 2009 I had many therapy certificates and then TRE® found me. It was then that I learned how my body was bearing the burden of my traumatized past.

Having the honour and pleasure of attending all of Dr David Berceli’s trainings in South Africa, I am now a very privileged TRE® trainer and advanced provider. This amazing body-based process has totally transformed my life and my passion now is to work with anyone who is “sick and tired of being sick and tired” of their own behaviors, overwhelming emotions and issues and for anyone who feels numb and disconnected.

I am also an experienced facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie where together we would work with stressful thinking.

For private or group sessions, please call me on
083 324 6582 or email