Kriya yoga
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The Scientific Art
Divine Kriya Yoga

Yoga is a complete process that allows us to regain and re-unite our consciousness with the divine creator. The concepts of yoga are based upon unconditional love, compassion and peace. Once we reach a state of peace within, bliss and abundance fall into place.

"Kriya" means "action." Kriya Yoga therefore means a path of action leading you to the divine through peace and love. This technique is a very traditional technique. It is taught now in the same way it was taught in the mountains thousands of years ago. Each aspect, from prayer, to stretching the body to meditation, is designed specifically so assist in holistically healing the body and the mind. The breathing techniques and postures will purify the body and the mind and help us understand and become in tune with the body so that we can heal. We are reminded of the divinity within and our power that we are worthy of divine love and healing. When we tap into the infinite energy, anything is possible.

Kriya yoga classes are designed for all age groups and those at any level of yoga practice. The class is structured with an opening prayer, brief warm-up, yoga postures, breathing exercise, and meditation and finishes off with a Q&A session. Classes are really easy and techniques can be practiced at home, however, attendance of once a week is required in order to ensure your practice is correct - a book or a DVD cannot help you if the posture is incorrect.