The Gathering Retreats
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The Gathering Retreats
The Gathering
Beauty - Peace - Success - You

4 Facilitators
8 Private Sessions
9 Modalities and Techniques
24 Hours of Facilitation and Teaching
280 000 Hectares of Wilderness
1 Labyrinth

The way to change your life may not be the next job, or the next promotion or the next partner; the way to change it is from within, because as within so without.

Whether you want to create energy, align your passion, let go of limiting beliefs or have a time out from the weight of your daily life, the Gathering is all about you. How would it be if you truly believed that it was possible for YOU TO BE MORE? Sometimes you know you have to make changes but you just dont know how. Maybe youre choosing the burden of what you know over the fear of what you dont know. In between the life that is not you and the life that is, indecision is draining your energy, making you tired, frustrated and possibly angry. Well help you find your vision and inspiration to make those changes.

Heres what others thought:
Most people think that they cannot do what theyd really love to do because its too late, that they dont have the time (or money, or experience, or qualifications) they need, or that they wont earn what they need to maintain or improve their lifestyle. Most people think that one day, some day, some way, theyll be able to do what they love doing. They could be right; its just that for most people, some day never comes. The Gathering is all about supporting you to make the choices to make the changes you have always dreamed of.

Maybe you dont need to make changes but simply need time away to use your energy on yourself. Away from the distraction of family and work pressure, city noises and pollution, away from the rush - maybe you just need Time For You. More...

Whichever your reason, know that You Can Be More.
The Gathering supports you to become a fuller and more powerful
expression of yourself in every way.


Meet the Team
Bennie NaudeBennie Naude

International Energy
Psychology Expert
Jeanne BoothJeanne Booth

Wellness Practitioner
Mind Body Energy Coach
Linden BoothLinden Booth

Life and Executive Coach
Personal Development Facilitator
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