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At TTK Life And Recovery Strategies our ultimate aim is to facilitate transformation

in peoples lives.

Transformation really means a change in the way you see the world - and a shift in how you see yourself. It is not simply a change in your point of view, but rather a whole different perception of what is possible. Transformation implies a change in the sense of self. -
Frances Vaughn

We believe that everyone can find meaning and purpose in their greatest pain and frustration that can take them to a place of their greatest joy and freedom.

We are in the business of inspiring people to find meaning, purpose and joy in their lives.

The problem we solve is that of people not knowing how to grow from pain and hopelessness to joy and freedom.

Discover how to move from the default position in your life, where you may be experiencing dissatisfaction, frustration or unhappiness, to the desired position, experiencing what you deserve instead.


"Everybody deserves and should have a life worth living. I have dedicated my life to finding helpful ways to assist people to discover this life. Experience has taught me that no matter where you are right now, there is always a way forward. I would love to meet with you and explore how we could get you to experience the life you deserve."
-TTK Life And Recovery Founder and Facilitator , John Smith

TTK Life Strategies is not a deductive process, whereby only the symptoms are removed. Rather, it is an inductive process, whereby new possibilities are created. The individual moves from trying to solve problems to creating a compelling future. The more the individual becomes invested in their own success, the more success becomes guaranteed

Recovery Strategies

TTK Recovery Strategies is about opening up the clients awareness to their own resources. "Recovery is remembering who you are and using your strengths to become all that you were meant to be." (Meta Services Inc.)

Discover strategies to assist you to overcome addiction and associated disorders such as behavioral addiction - obsessive, compulsive disorder, over-eating, pornography, gambling etc. as well as substance addiction - prescription medication, alcohol, drugs etc. These strategies are also effective for Dual Diagnosis. Protocols are designed around the needs of the client.

Assistance is provided for those in recovery as well as the supporters and loved-ones.


Uncovering our Potential is not our Privilege,
but rather our Responsibility