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Crystal Spirits

Crystal Spirits

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Located in the Lakefield Square centre, Benoni, Crystal Spirits crystal and esoteric gift shop is a distinctive and convivial shop that features exceptional gifts of handmade jewellery and candles as well as exclusive space clearing products that are homespun and infused by a local space clearing artisan.

Attracting over 200 individuals a month, Crystal Spirits is a one stop crystal and esoteric gift shop. You could find yourself spending boundless hours browsing the exquisite eclectic collection of gifts ranging from greeting cards to spiritual books, music, aromatherapy oils, Tarot cards and spiritual home decor.

Crystal Spirits is a fantastic destination to find a unique handmade gift or just browse and chat with the ever dynamic and passionate staff.

The eminent crystal and esoteric shop houses a variety of elegant handmade jewellery and candles, as well as spiritual books, music, aromatherapy oils, Tarot cards and not to mention the incense with their incredible smells that coddle your senses. Space clearing sprays, oils and specific instructions is an exclusive forte to Crystal Spirits, coupled with crystal healing guidance at their Crystal Emporium. This treasure trove is filled with a diverse selection of precious stones from Aztec to Calcite, Fluorite and Kyanite.

Neighbouring the in house Crystal Emporium, the newly opened Conference Centre spotlights talks and workshops with distinguished healers and readers from all over South Africa, aiming to aid in increasing and nurturing your spiritual development with Tarot for beginners, space clearing, healing and many more enlightenment courses.
For your convenience, the information on the up and coming workshops and courses are available on the
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