Holistic Wellness with Bronwyn Petzer
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 Bronwyn Petzer

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What I do
Taking into account the different dimensions of a human being, I assist people in reaching their full potential. My approach is natural and holistic, due to the fact that humans are natural, holistic beings. I fully believe that if you want to see results in any area of your life, there is a combination of things you need to implement in order for it to be long-standing and permanent. There are no quick fixes. I help people who want to help themselves and who want to transform their lives for the better.

My aim is to assist people to:
Be Energised
Reach and maintain a healthy weightNaturally Bronwyn
Be disease free
Be happy within
Look and feel good
Love their lives and who they are
Do things as natural and healthy as possible
Heal themselves holistically
My offering is as follows:
Nutrition Plans, solutions and coaching (adults/children/families)
Applied Kinesiology consultations (and vibrational homeopathic/herbal remedies)
Kinesio HCG weight loss program

Holistic Wellness

Most people think that health is simply being disease-free. I used to think that way too. Just because you do not have a disease or illness in your body, it does not mean you are healthy. For me it is all about balance. Each and every human need must be nourished and nurtured in order to have full access to health and vitality on every level. When I was younger, health to me was being thin and looking good! As I have grown up and learnt, I have realized there is so much more to health than just appearance and health at a surface level. Because we do not see what is going on inside our bodies, we dont think there are any issues to be aware of. We also do not realize that what we do and eat now, will make a huge impact on your entire existence on a long term basis. I dont know about you, but I dont want to be a diseased and sickly when I am old. I want my vitality to remain with me until the end. More...

Applied Kinesiology

The basic premise of Kinesiology is that the body is designed to heal itself. When we experience stress, usually of an emotional nature, it creates blockages in our healing system and comes out at a cellular level - in the physical body. It is our bodys way of communicating to us. Kinesiology identifies and releases these blockages. With Kinesiology I am able to identify imbalances. By using a simple muscle test, I can detect the stressors related to the symptoms. They could be structural, chemical, nutritional, mental or emotional. These stressors are then addressed using a combination of holistic modalities: Emotional Freedom Technique, Homeopathy, Lymph Drainage, Nutrition plans and Lifestyle recommendations. Kinesiology is a way of jump starting your bodys natural healing system. More...