Christine Ingram
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  Psychic Readings  

For finding closure, direction in life or upliftment, a session would involve anyone of these areas:

Spiritual Guidance and Advice
Connecting to Loved Ones in Spirit
Life Path Guidance and Advice
Connecting to Past Lives
All readings are done in private either in person, via wattsapp or skype call

  Other Services Offered  

Jikiden Reiki

Crystal Therapy
Chakra/Aura Healing & Balancing

Meditation through Dance is a fun way to let go and express the Goddess Energy within you.

This class is for those who want:
Confidence within themselves and their bodies
Connection on a higher vibrational energy
Harness their Goddess Energy and Sexuality
How to let go and be free to express themselves
Enhance your spiritual connection
Find Peace within

Each class is different and will have you delving deeper into your sub-conscious mind and heart.


Tel: 071 361 9189
Facebook: SoulParadigm@CMI999