Angela Deutschmann
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Angela is a personal growth teacher, writer and speaker with clients from around the world and an established practice in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.

She works with individuals and groups using fun, intuitive and cutting-edge techniques to release herself and clients into higher degrees of Joy - this being the purpose of life and all.

Angelas four pillars of Joy are: Heal, Dream, Create and Rest and all her work and play are aimed at expansion and learning in those four domains.
Angelas approach to personal growth embraces both spiritual and psychological models and is deeply rooted in the body. She likes growth to be fun, risky and real and (so far) thinks that vulnerability and sharp inquiry are our best tools. And that games, sharing, poetry, films, labyrinths, stillness and dancing must definitely be in the tool box too.

On this website you can enjoy lots of (free!) content, sign up to our (free!) Newsletter, Facebook and Twitter feeds or enroll for Angelas Insights From the Edge teachings, Workshops, Growth Clubs, Events or Personal Readings (from anywhere in the universe).

We hope we can inspire and assist you to live the creative, risky, wild life that is your joy.

Angela and (husband, manager and general Adonis) Garrick



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