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TAROT with Craig, Professional, Practical and Confidential

I have been reading tarot cards since 1989 and have been consulting from House of Isis for 10 years. My readings are a unique blend of Tarot, Psychic ability, Mysticism, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience coupled, where necessary, with practical real life business experience. I have formally studied Magick and Kaballah as well as Mysticism, Hermetic Philosophy and I am a qualified Inyanga. I offer no-nonsense insightful guidance on business, romance and mystical matters.

The House of Isis – Rosebank Mall:
Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays
011 447 2349 (Email readings available )

Website is

What is a Tarot Reading?
A tarot reading involves seeing probable trends that have been laid down by you, the client, and then enhancing or changing the thought process that will lead to the expected outcome. Tarot is not a system of divination . Every metaphysician will tell you that to predict a future is impossible. We create our reality every moment of every day. We are experiencing the physical results of out thought process.

Craig’s Tarot Counseling Sessions:
I have been studying and reading cards since 1989, and have used them successfully to progress my wisdom through various levels of initiation within the mystical systems that I have studied.

I combine this deep and insightful knowledge of Metaphysics and the Tarot with my very real and varied life, relationship and business experience to offer you a unique and insightful Tarot Counseling session.

I work from The House of Isis in The Mall of Rosebank. (Johannesburg, South Africa)
To book a consultation, please call 011 4472349.
Booking is essential, and I am available on Sundays, and Monday and Thursday afternoons.



Hypnotherapy is a wonderful, private, non invasive way to make positive changes in your life.

I have been studying and practicing professionally as a hypnotherapist since 1993. The modalities that I use are Analytical Age Regression, Parts Therapy, Regression therapy and Symptomatic therapy for anesthesia and pain management.

In one to two sessions, you can resolve most issues.
I specialize in trauma release, childhood issues, studying and sports enhancement, drug addiction support and syntax embedded imaging for the marketing and advertising industry.

I am a certified and internationally recognized hypnotherapist with vast life and corporate experience. Please contact The House of Isis for a consultation 011 4472349 or visit my website

I facilitate non medical, client centered hypnotherapy.

The sessions are tailored to the client’s requirements, and the client is considered to be a co- therapist. In a suitably relaxed state the client’s ability to explore and heal is directed by the client themselves, and a wonderful sense of completion and release normally results.

The difference between the different hypnotherapy modalities is noticed in the way in which they seek to help and to deal with the client’s needs. In the client centered system that I use and promote, the therapist is always sensitive to the clients requirements, history and belief system and uses these to structure the session for the client to achieve maximum levels of comfort, confidence interaction and change.

- Analytical hypnotherapy
- Direct Suggestion hypnotherapy
- Part Therapy hypnotherapy 

Hypnotherapy can be used for: Stress management, Insomnia, Drug addictions, Phobias, Motivation, Mental and Emotional blocks, Childhood issues and abuse, Weight loss and most other situations where mental and emotional understanding affects physical performance.


Please contact The House of Isis for a consultation:  |  011 447 2349

or visit my website