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Connecting to your body and your sexualness and Healing from rape and abuse with Mark Hoinkes

What is Tantra

Weekly Tantra Indian Tantra Massage Testimonials Been Raped or Abused?

Do any of these describe you?

1. You were raped or abused and it still makes you feel angry and you want to be healed once and for all Violent energy traumatized you and safe nurturing massage can help you to heal CLICK HERE

2. Your sexual life force and ability to orgasm is depleted and you want to feel orgasmic again - safely .You have lost your ability to orgasm and you crave to have that back

3. You are afraid to ask for what your body needs to feel your blissful orgasmic pleasure You dont feel safe in your own stability so you dont know how to ask for the touch you want from your partner

4. You do not want to commit Cyber Infidelity because you know the drama it can bring to your life You no longer feel arousal
when you connect with your partner, only when you connect with others, but you also know that making love to them will cause big pain

In the past five years, I have seen beautiful shifts in my clients. My women clients love feeling totally safe with me so that they access their sexualness again. My men clients love to experience their softer feminine side - receiving more pleasure.

Receiving Tantra Massage and Heart Intelligence coaching from me will take you back to that place where your body feels so worthy of being touched and you experience wonderful love making.

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Mark Hoinkes
082 255 5906