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 Change Your Life

Life Coaching with Matrix Re-imprinting.

First you make the belief, then the belief makes you.
Your life now might be a print-out of beliefs like “My needs are not important.” or
“I am not important.” or “I will never be as confident as that person.” or “I will never be able to do that.”

Most of these were imprinted during the first 6 years of your life.
These subconscious beliefs (of our 6 year old selves) sabotage our confidence, relationships and success and
we feel a certain discontent in certain areas of your life.

Combining Life Coaching with Matrix-reimprinting( using EFT) gives us a powerful tool that allows us to live a
fulfilled life as we let go of the limiting beliefs of the past and release negative emotions from old traumatic memories.

Do you need to value your own worth more, address your own needs and really believe in yourself, without trying so hard? Would you like to be more comfortable in your own skin?

Contact me for a FREE 60 min “Defining Your Perfect Life Session",
if you are a professional woman or solo female entrepreneur, who are struggling with success in your relationships, business or career. Confidence is the life force that turns thought into action.
As your confidence partner, my 12 session program Contagiously Confident
You will empower you to live your best life. Just imagine what your live could be like if you really,
really believed in your own worth and power.

Also available:
Workshops –
Ignite Your Vision


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