Soul Birth with Angela Red River
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Personal Consultations:

  • Birth Blueprint Exploration – Astrology, Human Design System, Gene Keys Sequences, and others;
  • Spiritual Midwifery - Support towards Conscious Conception, Pregnancy, Painless Empowered Birth, Breastfeeding + Parenting;
  • Rose of Raphael Codes and Combination Vibrational Essences;
  • Essence of the Centre Vibrational Essences;
  • Energetic Integrated Balancing for Family Members After Birth – Newborn Alignment – Rose of Raphael Vibrational Essences;
  • Soul Birth Vibrational Healing;
  • Conscious Wholistic Health Care - including Astro-Tissue Salt Replacement Therapy; Facial Analysis Mineral Replacement Therapy; Flower Essences; and much more;
  • Crystal Ally + Liquid Crystal Oracle Readings + Crystal Chakra Balancing;
  • Kaleidoscopic Crystalline Endocrine Limbic Activation.

Workshops and Retreats:

  • Conscious Conception Preparation;
  • Completing the Birth Picture – Towards Painless Empowered Birth;
  • DNA Re-Patterning of the Endocrine Glands + Hormones;
  • Igniting of the Magdalene and Jeshua Codes in the Sacred Marriage;
  • Soul Birth Mandala-Creating + Aboriginal Basket Making;
  • Self-Awakening Tools for Self-Mastery.

Why would you want to Birth your own Soul or Assist the Birth of Souls?

Soul Birth is a journey taken by us to re-awaken ourselves to our Divinity and to re-connect to Unconditional Love and Oneness of our Creator.

This is a journey that can also be undertaken from the perspective of consciously assisting incarnating Souls to physically birth onto planet Earth through us and be supported to remain consciously connected to All That Is/Unconditional Love/Oneness - from birth.

It therefore goes without saying that for this to happen, the parents of said Souls will be on their own journey of Soul Birth – of reconnecting with Unconditional Love and Oneness.

The Soul Birth Journey is but one way of undertaking this process of returning from our fragmented state of Many-ness to Oneness. This process can start off relatively unconsciously, and as we open to the synchronicities that present themselves to us, our journey takes on a life of its own. For some people, they are so busy ‘trying’ to survive, that they unable to hear or see the signs. The nudges, prods and kicks may be completely misinterpreted or misperceived.

Any one of the four entry levels into this process of Birthing your own Soul can be utilized – the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies/Realms/Dimensions. It is possible and probably preferable to work with more than one Body, even all at once to accelerate your process – the choice is always yours. Each of these Bodies will be dealt with in separate chapters. There may be separate books on the Soul Birth of parents preparing to assist Souls to incarnate, and the Soul Birth of any and all persons intending to re-member their own Divinity and re-connect with Unconditional Love and Oneness. This process is also called Ascension. During this lifetime, we are being given the opportunity to do this while still in the physical body.

Who will benefit from Soul Birth?

  • Anyone who is not satisfied with the way their life is going;
  • Anyone who has the sense that there is more to life on Earth than the current apparently mundane existence we seem to be muddling through;
  • Anyone already on a Conscious Journey of Re-Awakening to their Divine Potential and Re-Connection with our Cosmic Creator;
  • Anyone seeking their life purpose, a glimpse of a Bigger Picture, awakening to the roadmap we gave ourselves at birth, and more.
  • Women who are ready to have a baby, knowing that there is much more to childbirth than:
    - Lying on the back in a hospital bed

    - Painfully labouring and
    - Pushing out their baby uphill (against gravity)
    - While the doctor or midwife or both shout at them to push ones baby out as quickly as possible in case some disaster should befall it;
  • Already Pregnant couples and their unborn babies;
  • Parents and their young children and teenagers;
  • All manner of Childbirth Facilitators – obstetrical and gynaecological professors; general medical practitioners; obstetric and gynaecological doctors; trained nurses and midwives, ambulance paramedics, dieticians, physiotherapists, medical students, student nurses and midwives, etc – absolutely anyone who comes in contact with the birthing family from pre-conception to a minimum of one year after the birth on all babies;
  • Career Guidance Counsellors;
  • Educators of our children – from the primary to the postgraduate level;
  • Religious Leaders – especially those who have taken away our choices regarding when to assist souls to incarnate through us onto Planet Earth;
  • Politicians, etcetera 
  • In fact, everyone who lives on Planet Earth at this awesome time.

What Soul Birth has to offer?

  • Angelas focus at this time for those birthing their own souls and those assisting souls to birth into this dimension is DNA Re-Patterning: Awakening the Chakras, Endocrine Glands and their Hormones to their true spiritual functions and purpose, with the first stage of this process being the De-activation of the Death Hormone and Re-Activation of the Rejuvenation Hormone in the Pituitary Gland, along with Healing Separation and Activating the God Gene.  This initial process de-activates the death programming and restores the life hormone in order that the old programming does not sabotage any other healing.  Thereafter, the entire Endocrine System can be restored and activated using energy pattern codes, information and chakra songs sung into the body and energy field.   The reason for beginning with the DNA Re-Patterning is that each gland interfaces with a particular chakra, which in turn interfaces with cosmic energetic vibrations from our Multi-imensional Self and Source Mother/Father God, All That Is.

      Once the first stage has been completed, the Journey may begin in whatever way the Seeker or Parent is inspired to....

  • Assistance in the exploration of the Blueprint for this life - to ‘remember’ how to read this Road Map back to Self, deepen our understanding of this path of duality and polarity we have chosen to experience, by re-connecting with the polarities presented in the Zodiac, Human Design System and Gene Keys Sequences;
  • Re-connection Body and Soul/Spirit, thru bridging the inner and outer planetary energies - on our path to So(u)lar / Galactic Consciousness - as they present in each natal chart, thus remembering why we incarnated on Earth NOW;
  • Familiarization with the major life cycles in order to work with the energies as we go thru the ‘crisis’ points / transits in our lives;
  • An understanding of why some choices make us feel happy and some don’t;
  • An understanding of how and why the planetary and Zodiac energies (Cosmic forces) can re-connect us with our Divine, Multi-Dimensional Selves ;
  • A remembrance of the body’s innate ability to Heal and rebalance itself, and to follow the body’s guidance;
  • Tools towards Self-Awakening - to assist in the release of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages that prevent our opening to the Divine Beauty within, thus assisting Mother Earth to unblock Herself gracefully and less catastrophically;
  • Assists and supports all humans, especially birth facilitators and childrearing women to re-awaken and re-member the true nature of the physiological process of childbirth, from before conception to way beyond birth, in order to assist the birth of incarnating souls to be easy, peaceful, graceful and loving;
  • Supports all parents and potential parents who have an inner knowing that they are their own Best Midwives and Doulas;
  • Assists in creating an greater awareness of the impact of the many unnecessary medical interventions in the natural primal physiological process of childbirth;
  • Supports parents to maintain their baby’s connection to their Divine Spiritual nature, while experiencing their full potential in the 3-dimensional material realm of Earth.

If you are not conscious and aware of WHY it is important for you to be conscious of the way you approach the birth of your children onto this beautiful planet, then you obviously have not yet begun a journey of Re-Awakening to Who You Truly Are.

If this is the case, then you have some options:

  1. You can forget that you ever read these words and go back to the hypnotized snooze that humanity has been under for the last many millennia, and continue to give your power away to the medical men and their lackeys who “deliver” your babies from your body;
  2. Put your thoughts of beginning a family on hold for a while, as you reassess your life to find out what it is that humans are actually doing here on this planet;
  3. So that you and your partner can begin your own journeys of Re-Awakening to fuller Consciousness – to Who You Truly Are – before consciously conceiving a non-toxic child.

If you are consciously journeying to self-awakening, then choosing conscious childbirth is definitely a no-brainer, because you understand that it is a privilege and an honour to encourage and support souls to use your prepared bodies through which to incarnate – rather than unconsciously perpetuating the general system of hypnotic, mesmerized, medically-managed (= give-my-power-away), toxic childbirth that pervades our planet at this time!

As a Birth Transition Guide (Adoula), Angela is able to work with expectant parents to develop and maintain a deep, spiritual connection with their baby long before the actual birth, especially from before conception. The entire process of Conception, Pregnancy and Birth can be much smoother and more fulfilling, eliminating the infertility issues and much of the pain and trauma often associated with pregnancy and birth, and even breastfeeding. 

Birth Transitioning is for nearly anyone interested in going beyond current approaches to the birth process. Although modern medicine has made great strides in understanding conception, pregnancy and birth, the perspective remains primarily biological, mainly focused on the mother alone.

Angela Red River
063 178 2156

Trained Professional Nurse + Active Birth Midwife, A Birth Transitions Guide/Spiritual Midwife, Kundalini Reiki I – 9;
Usui Reiki 1 + 2, Synchronization Harmonics - Basic and Advanced 1 + 2, Metaphysical Healing – Basic and Advanced,
Flower Essences, Ho’oponopono, DNA Re-Programming, Plus plenty of self-study on a wide range of natural healing modalities,
including tissue salts, astrology, human design, gene keys, all facets wholistic birth and birth intervention topics.