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Welcome to Behavioural Intelligence Solutions


BIS supports businesses in creating breakthrough results through strategic investments in their leadership and culture development.  We specialise in bringing together elements required to create sustained change.  This includes executive coaching, training, assessments, skills and content.  BIS is based on total commitment to providing exceptional value to all clients where theres a high level of shared trust and commitment. 

At the core of BIS a Kwazulu-Natal based coaching practice is Michael Browne a behavioural and executive coach. Michael’s ability to comprehend and identify the client’s personal and professional spaces of interaction is unique. His ethos of confidentiality, trust and integrity is paramount and key to the coaching methodology. 

Coaching Achievements:

  • Coach to Executives in the Retail Industry. Coaching focused on personal and professional core issues, developing relationships and teams. Results achieved create balance to personal and professional relationships, career clarity, potential promotion and strengthening leadership capability.
  • Coach to Chief Financial Officer of an Educational Institution.  Coaching focused on handling of conflict resolution matters, HR issues, improving employer/employee relationships, overall productivity and adherence to timelines and deadlines.  Results achieved assisted communication strategy, increased performance management, raised the emotional quotient and intelligent awareness.  Recognising conscious business as the concept of now.

 What we support:

We support our clients in addressing the below opportunities, through a range of coaching and consulting services. We’re best known for our individual and team based coaching work, and this forms the core of most client engagements.

  • A talent who needs to develop in one or more areas, but who doesn’t recognise their weaknesses or ask for support.
  • Someone who’s getting good results but at the cost of their relationships
  • Interpersonal inconsistencies that are causing stress and eroding trust
  • Where an ‘us vs. them’ mentality is setting in
  • A lack of accountability and personal responsibility in their team
  • Something that’s ‘off’ in their culture, without knowing how to fix it
  • Having less energy and motivation than they want
  • An internal ‘glass ceiling,’ where something keeps holding them back from their next level of expansion and success

Areas of Expertise:

BIS and Associates are skilled in these areas:
Executive & Business coaching with focused and measurable outcomes linked to the client’s business objectives and organizational goals.Developing Leaders and Managers addressing the following: Career development; Team Performance; Improved Interpersonal and Relational skills and expanding individual Way of Being toward sustainable change.

  • Synergy: healthy synergy between executives, managers and teams supports and elevates the resolving of complex business challenges.
  • Wellness assessments

Our coaching embeds a longer term sustainability of new emotion, new behaviour for the client. Measuring the impact of coaching on a client’s business results takes place.

The Benefits of Coaching:

  • Self awareness and access to new possibilities
  • Elevating management, teamwork and leadership
  • Elevating impact, influence and performance
  • Greater quality in interpersonal skills and relationships
  • Embracing change in new paths



Michael Browne

Behavioural Intelligence Solutions

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