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Brett Austin, author of "To All The People of the Planet"
Im a Dad, a DJ, a Plumber and now an author and health teacher. In 2012 I had a massive "wake up call", I could see two potential life paths flash before me. In one I would continue the same self destructive ways and die at 40, the other I would transform my lifestyle and be an inspiration for millions of others, as I lived well into my eightees.

Im living a life full of health and wealth now on a plant-based diet, Im 65kgs lighter, I live purposefully inspiring others to change their lifestyles and live lives they love too.
I tour around the country with my talks, conscious cooking demonstrations and I share my story in my book "To All The People of The Planet".
I guess Im still a plumber, supporting folks to clear their inner pipes, body, soul and mind!

"To all the people of the Planet"
- Brett Austin

In life, we often hear that life is not easy. Yes, life presents us with challenges every day, but I firmly believe that it is your state of mind that will determine the action and outcome of the challenge. If the mind is out of control, life will be out of control. But why would the mind be in this state? Many reasons... most of which were presented beautifully to Brett during his amazing journey to health, healing and recovery. This story is not only a biography; it is a journey to the Self - the higher Self.
The book has been named "To all the people of the planet" because Brett has learnt some important information and does not want to keep it a secret - he wants everyone to know about this. Everyone needs to read this story. In its design, Brett has made sure the book is easy to read, easy to follow and most importantly, easy to absorb.

The information contained herein will change your life - that is only if you want to change and if you want to make your life better! What I found so profound during my time with Brett is his love for life and his no nonsense attitude toward the truth. The book is blunt, and from his research he shares some harsh truths about what we consume every day. During the journey, you will learn about toxins in toothpaste, chemicals in food, hormones in dairy and much more - be warned, the book will change how you view your life! We no longer have the luxury of ignorance.

Body and Mind recommends this must read!!
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