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Soulfulness with Fazila Bizior

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Welcome to Soulfulness

Whatever makes your Soul happy do that!
How do we know what really makes us happy, what nourishes your soul,
what makes you sing on the inside?

It takes getting to know who you are, with support and encouragement for
your personal growth, to take you from Mindfulness to Soulfulness...

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Our Offerings

- ACCESS Body Processes
Antaneea Massage
Energetic Facelift
Rainbow Massage
Reading the Rainbow
Intuitive Energy Healing
Antaneea Massage
(12 oils)

A massage that brings colour,
sound and touch together in
harmonious convergence and

Pioneered by Penni du Plessis in
1997, using the 12 Oils of Transformation, this indulgent
massage works on 3 levels to lead body, mind and soul through a transformative healing experience.
With a specific sequence of colours
for each layer-
the first supports the physical body, with the next layer to bring in emotional stability; and the final layer to align with your potential.

Rainbow Massage � Chakra Balancing

Using 7 coloured oils,
this massage is solely on the back to bring balance to the chakras and the energy system. and revitalise the body, mind and soul.

A chakra is an energy center feeding universal energy into
your physical body via the auric field. Your body vibrates the full light spectrum at all times.



By gently touching the head
during a BARS treatment,
we facilitate the body to
connect with it�s own ability to heal and nurture.

The BARS� consist of 32 points
on the head which hold the
electrical charge of the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, decisions and emotions stored all of your life
about: Healing, Body, Time, Hopes, Control, Awareness, Creativity, Aging, Money etc.


Access Body Processes

�Any area of your life that isn�t ease joy and glory is an
area where you have a lack of consciousness or
awareness�, says Gary Douglas, founder of
Access Consciousness.

Including our bodies in the process of becoming
more conscious and aware is an essential part of
Access Consciousness. The Body processes are as
simple laying hands on the body and asking the
particular energy that body requires to �turn on.�
Yet the simplicity of these body processes belies their

Fazila Bizior
Soul Healer

Johannesburg Gauteng
South Africa


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