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"Keep the body fit for self- realization"

Right from the start, you will learn a simple yet powerful technique of meditation as originally taught by Paramhansa Yogananda. It will help you to be focused and calm, and obtain direct experience of the divine realities within.

In addition, you will learn Paramhansa Yoganandas "Energization Exercises", a unique set of exercises that will give you better health, more energy, and an ability to direct the energy in the body at will.

This course is open to anyone who wishes to learn to meditate, regardless of religious or spiritual background. Whether or not you are a new to meditation, these lessons can help you establish and develop a deep, consistent practice and help awaken within the peace, joy and divine love that are a part of your true nature.
Healing Techniques
Diet & Nutrition
Stress Management
Principals of Energy & Energization
Deep Intuition
Healing Through The Chakras

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Autobiography of a Yogi
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Paramhansa Yogananda movie?

Lessons in Meditation

Learn a simple yet powerful technique of meditation as originally taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.

Ananda Virtual Community

No matter where you are located, join our online community and enrich and deepen your spiritual life.

How to Live Series

Monthly webinars offering practical guidelines on how to live a yogic life.

Understanding the Chakras

Experience the reality of the chakras through this interactive course.

Ananda Health and Healing Course

Learn foundations of healing for yourself and others as taught by Paramhansa Yogananda.

Deepen Your Spiritual Life with Nayaswami Asha

Her talks are unusually clear, deep, humorous, and life-changing. One of Anandas most well-known teachers.

Vegetarian Cooking for Health and Vitality

Healthy, fresh, low fat, and highly nurtritious meals for yourself, family, and friends.

Success and Happiness Through Yogic Principles

For those who seek both material prosperity and fulfillment on higher levels of life as well.
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I feel like my understanding of the basics around meditation are much clearer after taking this course
and I look forward to deepening my practice!!
Lessons in Meditation

The Virtual Community is my living link to Master and my spiritual path. Every day I am grateful to all those who make it possible for us who are physically separated from Ananda to be so instantly connected.
Ananda Virtual Community

Understanding the Chakras has helped me understand how to work with the energy of the chakras
and has made such a positive change in my life!
Understanding the Chakras

Thanks to Online with Ananda for offering such much needed guidance to those of us who struggle
?with staying on the path in the midst of so many worldly troubles and distractions.
Spiritual Renewal Week

My life has completely changed since starting this course. I am living in love, peace and joy,
with the presence of God within at all times. I recommend this course for everyone that is interested in furthering their spiritual journey.
Developing Intuition

Thank you for giving me the tools through the discussion sessions, videos, and reading materials
to bring more joy into my life. Most importantly, thank you for helping me find ways to
implement Masters teachings in my life.
How to Be Happy

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