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Thomas W E Budge published author

Thomas W E Budge
published author | spiritual mentor | tranformationist | belief disentangler | therapist | tutor


Are you looking for someone who understands lifes many challenges?

Someone who will compassionately, patiently and lovingly help you regain

confidence and overcome your negative thoughts? Are you looking for

abundance? Thomas will. He has many years of well-polished skill. He is an

internationally acclaimed consulting hypnotist and spiritual tutor and is

conveniently located near Pretoria and Johannesburg.

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Is it your quest to find personal meaning and purpose? Are you suffering

from untapped potential? Are you held back by fear, self-doubt,

debilitating habits, erroneous beliefs, diverted attention, misplaced effort,
bad memory or lack of concentration? Have you been the victim of

abuse, marginalisation, intimidation or homophobia? Do you find yourself

battling weight problems, alcohol abuse, uncontrolled use of drugs,
cigarette smoking or falling prey to other addictions? Thomas is

passionate about helping you untangle your inhibitors and to create new

configurations of strivings in order for you to reach your highest potential.

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His Book

Thomas, as a nineteen year old, English speaking, white South African boy,

faces detention and solitary confinement for refusing military training during

the apartheid regime. But instead of his religion helping him through his

ordeal, the Jehovahs Witnesses abandoned him because of his sexuality as

a gay man. What might have been a story of despair, becomes one of

encouragement. Its a deeply thoughtful book about acceptance and

contemporary spirituality. Its a touching and personal account of his

friendship with his spiritual teacher, Ram Dass. This book transforms lives,

untangles complicated circumstances in life and inspires the reader to

achieve more.

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Protea Ranch, Centurion

Thomass home, Protea Ranch is a tranquil space dedicated to helping you

find inner peace and renewed purpose. Whether you intend making positive

changes in life, or perhaps hope to find meaning in a difficult world, or maybe

you are meeting others on a similar journey. Protea Ranch offers you retreat

accommodation, private counselling facilities and regular classes on a variety

of interesting subjects.

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Hypnosis Guild of Southern Africa

The Guild is a non-profit association of hypnotists and/or hypnotherapists in

the Southern African region. Members comprise teachers, practitioners,

entertainers and suppliers of allied goods. Meetings are held twice a year

(autumn and spring) in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town. This is an ideal

platform for networking with other hypnotists where inspiring ideas are

shared freely. Whether you are just curious about hypnosis or are a

seasoned professional, you are encouraged to attend. All are welcome.

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