Joy of Life with Michelle Campbell
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Joy of Life with Michelle Campbell
Durban Beyond The Storm Transformational Workshop
15-17 April 2016

Imagine the power of knowing who you truly are and what your purpose is in this world? What if you can obtain the knowledge to change all negative patterns and re-align yourself with positive elements that can help you achieve anything you desire in life? 
20 Hours of very powerful transformational processes in this
carefully formulated workshop

The formula includes precisely defined methods guaranteed to cause a cataclysmic shift within, to connect you with your true core essence, placing you on a higher vibration frequency that aligns you with everything that is good for you.
 The Beyond the Storm Workshop is one of the most profound
workshops ever created.
The purpose of the workshop is to find out:
  • Who you truly are.
  • What you really want out of life.
  • Obstacles that are holding you back from achieving your potential.
  • How to change and release limiting mental and emotional programming.
  • How to access your personal power. 
  • How to build & unlock your emotional intelligence.
  • How to achieve the outcome you really want.
  • How to release negative emotions.
  • How you see yourself.
  • How others see you.
  • How you relate to others. 
  • Why you get on with some people and not with others.
  • What is creating the conflict in your life.
  • Working with doubt vs courage.
  • How you relate to change.
  • Discovering your true purpose.
  • Healing relationships.
  • How you can become a conscious creator and control what you bring into your reality.
  • Connect to inner peace, contentment, abundance and happiness.
  • Rediscover your passion.
  • Build self respect, self esteem and experience acceptance of what is.
  • Understand energy.
  • Restore balance in your life.
  • How to take the steps towards positive transformation
  • How to be in control of your life and your emotions.
eWe are so confident in our work that we offer a 100% full money back on Sunday guaranteed if you feel that the workshop did not meet your expectations.

Special Offer:

Your investment is (R2500-00) & as a gift you bring a friend or
family member absolutely Free! 
(R1700-00) One Person Attending. (You save R800-00)
Book and pay before 31 March to qualify for the Special Offer.
Venue: 49 Delaware Avenue, Glenashley
The investment includes all course material and light refreshments.
For more information visit

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